Friday Fleurish: Tickled Pink


It's Friday Fleurish, so here's a rustic basket potted with pink hyacinth bulbs and packed down with a little moss. They'll intoxicate you with their fragrance all weekend. {No blood alchohol levels will be affected, I promise!} I was tossing up a few different paintings for you today, but when I received this award from Finie Ramos, it tickled me pink, then decided me. I couldn't help but colour co-ordinate.

Thank you for the award, Finie! Finie has a sweet blog. She calls her comments Love Notes`~ a big clue about her right there.

Now I understand how tough it is to pass these awards on. So I put the names of my favourites on pieces of paper and had our kitty decide, based on the first three she tried to play with. But I'm passing the award on with no strings attached. It's yours to do with as you please. Just bask in the glory if you wish...
  1. Alexa at The Road is Mine, daily snaps, usually of New York, from a bright, good sort
  2. Margaret at Finnegan Begin Again, witty and sage writings on ancient goddesses, wise women and the occasionally piglet
  3. PopCultureNerd, intelligent inside scoops and reviews on movies, books, TV and other popcorn-fuelled pursuits
Thanks for your lovely blogs ~ celebratory hyacinths for everyone!

Bombay Botanicals


I'm not living a lush life. I enjoy a quiet glass of wine or bubbly, but in moderation. And in summer, I'm partial to a Gin and Tonic with a slice of lime at 5:00pm on the occasional steamy afternoon. Bombay Sapphire's my choice. It's based on a recipe dating back to 1761, infused with ten botanicals - exotic treats like lemon peel and almonds from Spain, juniper berries and orris from Italy, angelica from Saxony... and I like the blue glass bottle!

Imagine how chuffed I was when a grateful client gave me a large blue irridescent egg yesterday, encircled with a decorative paper band printed with Bombay Sapphire livery. As well as the gin {which shall last me several summers}, the gift box - err, egg {actually a limited edition ice bucket}, included a shot glass and one of those natty dispensers they put on spirit bottles in pubs to make sure the bartenders are punished with repetitive-stress-injury if they are too generous with their favourite customers. Virtual martinis and G&Ts are on me!

Seriously though, please drink responsibly.

Venerdi in Venice: Grey Area


When someone says, "That's a grey area," {or "gray" area depending one's relationship to Her Majesty}, perhaps they are talking about this little spot in Venice, where one would love to walk up those stairs and be plied with home-made mushroom ravioli bathed in sage butter, accompanied by a rough loaf of crusty bread and earthy olive oil. But since the door and shutters are firmly closed and one doesn't even know the inhabitants, the warmth of the welcome could be a grey area. In my imagination, though, it's definitely a friendly one, laden with smiles, gesticulations and gregarious Italian calories. Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!

A Féery For Your Perfume Garden


If there was a prize for the prettiest perfume bottle, Van Cleef & Arpels's Féerie Eau de Parfum would surely have to be in contention. Fairies and dragonflies are a recurring theme for this French luxury house, and this bottle and fragrance were inspired by its Midsummer Night's Dream jewellery collection. The fragrance notes include violets, blackcurrant, Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, and Iris Butter. {Infinitely more exotic than Peanut Butter, if not as tasty.}

And if you want to trade Parisian calories for colour, cut, carat and clarities, just stroll to the historic Van Cleef & Arpels boutique at 22, Place Vendôme where the company was established in 1906. {Thanks and Bisous to Cali for the photo inspiration!}

Ballooning on Bastille Day


What better way could there be for us to celebrate the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille and uprising of the modern nation than with a frivolous hot air balloon ride over Paris, away from the commoners in the streets. {Mais oui, I made a little joke.}

We should be sufficiently elevated to avoid spooking any of these beautiful horsies. Depending on the formal festivities, we may have to dodge the planes of the Patrouille de France - French Acrobatic Patrol - but I think we'll be safe enough if we keep aloft in the immediate vicinity of the Eiffel Tower. To err on the side of caution, we shall travel light and just take the necessities on board: champagne and pastries for everyone!

Lion's Share of Le Tour's Attention


For the winners of the Yellow Jersey {aka Maillot Jaune} in Le Tour de France: a bunch of flowers and an adorable fluffy toy lion that might bear a startling resemblance to Don King, if Don King happened to be adorable. As it's unlikely any of us will score one of the real fluffy toy lions {or indeed, a real fluffy lion}, perhaps this little virtual fellow can console us.

Wine-Tour de France


Happy 4th July!

While Americans are celebrating their independence, this illustrious date marks another important event on the calendar: the start of Le Tour de France. Lycra-watchers of the world, unite and rejoice! The rest of us will avert our eyes at the appropriate moments.

This rider has his priorities in the right place. Why cycle through France if you can't enjoy a baguette and bottle of red on the way?

Due to the time differences, hubby will stay up cheering on fellow Aussie Cadel Evans into the wee hours every night. {I, on the other hand, will cheer from the fluffy comfort of my dreams.}. Cadel has been runner-up twice and we're sending warm, fuzzy hopes that he wins this year {please note that his hind quarters bear no resemblance to my pictured gourmand}. But I'm guessing Lance Armstrong will be a sentimental favourite for many others. May their spandex be blessed with much stretch and a safe journey!

The Other Salvatore


Clarence could hardly contain his excitement when his luxury watch from Salvatore Frogamo arrived, with its three interchangeable bands of human leather, and death-roll resistant to 15 metres. It came with the 'waxed, violet-tint' band already attached. Bellissimo! It would be his favourite, over the 'unwaxed, untinted naturale' and 'waxed and metallised'. NOW who's the most popular ladies' croc, hmm?
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