Francophile Friday: Cinema Paris-Miaou


Paris Illustration of Le Champo cinema by Shell-Sherree, ink & watercolour ACQUIRE PRINTS

Today's grey fluffy clouds hold the promise of excellent movie-watching weather, though I hope it fines up for the first of spring tomorrow!  And courtesy of a Liebster Award from the sagacious le0pard13 of It Rains... You Get Wet, I will be answering 11 mostly-movie-related questions, since le0pard is a film buff {and his blog is excellent!  Thanks, le0pard13, I'm chuffed}.  Where better to hold our interview than outside the grand old Le Champollion cinema in Paris, then we can head in for an old classic.  We just missed Catsablanca and Doggone with the Wind but Kitty Kong will have us on the edge of our seats.

Inspired by the local language, I'm taking a laissez-faire approach to the Liebster ~ an award comprised of a very enthusiastically-long list of components ~ and I'm streamlining it.  Here are my answers to le0pard13's questions, and I will pass the award and baton to the entertaining bloggers in my sidebar.  {If you would like to participate, feel free to refer back to le0pard's post to follow the award more thoroughly than I am.}  Here goes...

What was the last reference book (regardless of subject or genre) you used?
A French dictionary.
What pop song from your youth, used in movie, immediately got you to react, “Oh no, you didn’t!”?
Has anyone has ever used 'Muskrat Love' in a movie?
Steve McQueen or Paul Newman?
Paul Newman
Which foreign country, known for its cinema, have you yet to watch a movie from? 
Favorite film with Samuel L. Jackson in it? (whether he’s starring, supporting, or cameo)
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Favorite over-the-top performance from Face/Off: John Travolta as Sean Archer/Troy Castor or Nicholas Cage as Troy Castor/Sean Archer?
John Travolta {I'm not keen on cages...}
Ketchup or Salsa?
Salsa.  {We're talking about dancing, aren't we?}
What clearly dramatic scene from a movie made you inexplicably burst out laughing in reaction?
No movie I can think of, but I have to be very careful at weddings.
Wyatt Earp or Tombstone?
Harp or trombone?  Trombone.  {Where are my glasses...}
What was the latest, or earliest, movie screening you’ve ever attended?
The earliest have been some 10:00am Sunday sessions.  I learned that lots of octogenarians titter if someone swears.
Who is your favorite writer? (can be author, film or TV screenwriter, or director/writer)
I don't know how to choose between C S Lewis, J R R Tolkien and Robert Crais.  Perhaps Robert Crais, because I've never had to guess his first name.

The lights are dimming and I smell popcorn, so let's hustle inside.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Filmish Friday to you!

Le Champo
51 rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris | Métro : Odéon - Saint-Michel | Tél : 01 43 54 51 60

Francophile Friday: Nougat With an 'Oooh'


Paris Illustration by Shell-Sherree, ink & watercolour ACQUIRE PRINTS

Oh good, it's like riding a horse ~ I haven't forgotten how to blog after all.  Quite miraculous, given I don't know how to ride a horse. But enough of that: it's lovely to see you!  I bought you a van filled with nougat and pralines to make amends for my absence.  Or perhaps I brought you a van filled with nougat and pralines.  You may choose, depending on whether you'd like to become a nougat cart proprietor somewhere in Paris or just graze your way through the contents at your leisure.  Thanks to dear Katie for the inspiration!  Shall we indulge the current coloured jeans trend in a subtle fashion while we wait?  If you're like me and need some elevation to reach the counter, these will do the trick.  If we start to teeter or totter, we can lean on each other for support. And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

PS:  For those looking for larger prints, I've added A3 size {image  fits 11 x 14"} to my Etsy store.  Just add the A3 listing in your cart and tell me which illustration you'd like.  Easy! Please pop on over to find out more.
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