A Féery For Your Perfume Garden

If there was a prize for the prettiest perfume bottle, Van Cleef & Arpels's Féerie Eau de Parfum would surely have to be in contention. Fairies and dragonflies are a recurring theme for this French luxury house, and this bottle and fragrance were inspired by its Midsummer Night's Dream jewellery collection. The fragrance notes include violets, blackcurrant, Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, and Iris Butter. {Infinitely more exotic than Peanut Butter, if not as tasty.}

And if you want to trade Parisian calories for colour, cut, carat and clarities, just stroll to the historic Van Cleef & Arpels boutique at 22, Place Vendôme where the company was established in 1906. {Thanks and Bisous to Cali for the photo inspiration!}


  1. Well, now that you've made me late to work getting lost in the VC&A Website . . .
    Wonder how many women wear the perfume because the bottle is so beautiful. And what's in the shopping bag you're toting there?

  2. Geez, what an eye you have! I am sure you got more out of Google images or Van's website than my photo cause it didn't look anything like that!
    That bottle is gorgeous! Wish I could afford to send you a bottle of it if I am fortunate enough to return to Paris!!!

  3. Wanna go halfsies with me on a bottle, Shell? You can have the perfume and then send me the bottle once you're done with it.

  4. How scrumptious. But really, I kind of like peanut butter. A little behind the ears and I drive my dog wild.

  5. But has Scout tried the Iris butter. I know I never had.

    Hey, these drawings are great fun.

  6. thank you Shell and Cali - I just looked at the entire range of bijoux on the animated website. Did rather lust after the couture collection. Adore your sketch there Shell. Very cute.

  7. Alexa ~ oops, sorry to make you late! It was really Van Cleef & Arpels's fault, though, wasn't it. :) The bag contains some munchies and water bottle so I can make sure my cute Paris pooch is well catered for on our strolls.

    Cali ~ wow, you are too kind - and modest. It was a lovely photo!

    PCN ~ sure, that sounds ... wait a minute - huh?

    Margaret ~ I'm guessing a little peanut butter would drive some men wild too. Maybe VC&A should reformulate.

    altadenahiker ~ Hi, there! Thank you, and I hope you have better luck than I at tracking down some Iris Butter to try.

    MmeB ~ I got lost there awhile myself. Luckily I left a trail of macaron crumbs to follow back out again.

  8. Now, thanks to you, I have to drive back to Paris to visit VC&A !!
    But not today, weather forecast says it is pouring with rain all day, endnig with thunderstorms !!
    Always like that the first week of Paris Plage !!!!

  9. Marylène ~ Sounds like the VC&A Féery will need to shelter somewhere snug!


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