Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wine-Tour de France

Happy 4th July!

While Americans are celebrating their independence, this illustrious date marks another important event on the calendar: the start of Le Tour de France. Lycra-watchers of the world, unite and rejoice! The rest of us will avert our eyes at the appropriate moments.

This rider has his priorities in the right place. Why cycle through France if you can't enjoy a baguette and bottle of red on the way?

Due to the time differences, hubby will stay up cheering on fellow Aussie Cadel Evans into the wee hours every night. {I, on the other hand, will cheer from the fluffy comfort of my dreams.}. Cadel has been runner-up twice and we're sending warm, fuzzy hopes that he wins this year {please note that his hind quarters bear no resemblance to my pictured gourmand}. But I'm guessing Lance Armstrong will be a sentimental favourite for many others. May their spandex be blessed with much stretch and a safe journey!


  1. Is that cute toutou chasing Cadel the whole way?

    Please ask hubby, with all due respect, what is it exactly that is exciting about watching Le Tour de France? Is it the scenery of France, the lycra riders?

    The hind quarters in your drawing are rather familiar. Is this a Shell trademark? ;0

  2. Cali ~ Hubby watches in spite of lycra, not because of. ;) He enjoys the scenery and the food & wine segments they have in our coverage {I do too if I'm still awake}. But more so, he's fascinated with the tactics of the teams etc. And if there's an Aussie in a major international sporting event ... he's watching!

    [Hind quarters: The Accidental Trademark? LOL.]

  3. You're so funny !!
    But I think your drawing is as far from reality as possible !! If only they could have just wine and baguette !!
    I have never understood the purpose of spending so many hours watching them riding, nice sceneries sometimes, some incredible views of France when taken from an helicopter but with all those "dopage" suspicions doubt is too strong and you're never sure if the winners deserve the applause.

  4. Marylène ~ Sad to say, I think someone's more likely to be thrown off a team for indulging in baguettes and wine than drug taking. I will say without doubt though that if our Cadel wins, you can be sure his effort was 100% natural!

  5. What the heck? I'll root for Cadel. I've never watched the Tour de France, and this year I don't have a TV. But I can still cheer him on.

    Wouldn't it be fun to take a bike tour of the French countryside and stop for lunches or chateau tours whenever we liked? The race would be to see who could resemble Shell's drawing first.

  6. I hope Mr. Man knows I was only kidding about the lycra. Thanks for the explanation of team tactics, etc. I had no idea!!!
    I WILL be sure to watch the replay of Monday's race. I am not up early enough to see the start - although I should be awake to see the finish.
    Marylène is right: Le Tour sure shows off the beauty of France!
    I like Petrea's idea and might now use that as my excuse as to why I sport your Assidental Trademark

  7. Petrea ~ Yay, thank you! Go Cadel! And LOL, your kind of race sounds more dangerous than the real one.

    Cali ~ I don't have the patience to sit through much, but it has its interesting moments. I will be watching the finish on 26th July, when they ride down the Champs-Élysées - I think you'll want to watch that stage too!

  8. I had baguette and cheese for breakfast today and then saw this post. Made me feel guilty, thinking, "Perhaps I should get off the couch and bike it off." Then my other self said, "No, wait, I don't own a bike."

    Oh, well. I tried.

  9. PCN ~ I didn't even imagine getting on a bike, so you're a step ahead of me!

  10. Oh yes, let us avert our eyes from the Spandex of which a little goes a long way. Very funny and your drawing is so charming. You are so clever.

  11. Very cute drawing, Shell. I can't understand how the men can watch those butts for hours on end either. MB is glued to the TV watching it too. I think he's just waiting for glimpses of France which, when they show them, are quite spectacular. (OK, I've watched a few butts in my time too).

  12. There is something endearing about a man in lycra holding in one hand a bouquet of flowers and in the other a stuffed lion! I want one of those lions!

  13. Margaret ~ yes, a little goes a long way, LOL!

    MmeB ~ sometimes you just can't help watching those butts, smack bang in the middle of the scenery!

    Cali ~ they are cute! I just read in an FAQs page that those adorable lions are courtesy of Credit Lyonnaise, sponsor of the yellow jersey. Maybe they give them to preferred bank customers too, but I have no more chance of that than winning a maillot jaune!

  14. Shell you crack me up! I would definitely wear a lycra unitard if it meant a cycling tour of france was in my future---but I think I would take a much more leisurely pace! And lots of stops for pastries along the way ;)

  15. Anne ~ I'll scooter ahead and meet you at the pastries. :)

  16. Shell -- I'm catching up here (something I'm sure most of the riders in the Tour would like to be saying). Never watch, but I get my daily update on the radio alarm each morning. Go Lance! Sorry, must root for the home team, and the guy IS amazing (and also drug-free). But if Cadel should win, I'll be happy to be happy for your hub.

  17. Hi Alexa! ~ Cadel sure is hoping he can catch up! But if Cadel doesn't make it, I'll be happy to see LA taking the podium. He's inspiration personified. Our footy team, Carlton Blues, wore yellow last week to help raise money for his foundation and an Australian cancer foundation. It was bizarre watching them play outside their usual navy & white but worth it for such a cause.


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