Friday Fleurish

It's Friday again. As promised last week, we're heralding the weekend with a flourish of flowers. Today, I couldn't go past some overblown pink roses in a plain silver pot.

Should this become a new tradition? Shall we alternate on Fridays between Venerdi in Venice and Friday Fleurish ... but what about Francophile Friday??? Perhaps we'll just put them into rotation. What do you think?


  1. Shell your flowers are lovely!
    Thank you for the beautiful poem you left me with sympathies for my kitty Sylvia. I plan to hang it with her photograph where I can see it everyday. It really is beautiful and so true.

  2. I hope these flowers were waiting for us once the balloon landed, while not injuring any horsies or cavalry men, of course! They are so pretty I can almost smell them.

    I like the idea of rotation as it allows you some leeway and there is the element of surprise: which will it be today? What will strike Shell's fancy and appeal to ours?

    On a sadder note: I am sorry to hear of Lily's loss. What a gift our furry friends are. Sylvia couldn't have picked a better friend than Lily.

  3. Dear Lily ~ I'm glad that little poem is helping you - it's brought me much solace. You and Sylvia are in my thoughts. Hugs back to you.

    Cali ~ I found the bunch when I was securing the balloon after we landed. It came with this note: Je vous adore. x I suspect one of the cavalry men left them for us. Who can blame him for not being able to choose a favourite from amongst us ...

  4. If he plays his cards right he won't have to choose! :D

    Flowers with a card like that would melt even this cold heart!

  5. Surprise me! I like them all.

    Lily, I love my Boz like crazy, so my heart goes out in sympathy to you for Sylvia.

  6. Very sweet roses Shell. I like the idea of a rotation but one shouldn't restrict creativity so if you feel something calling you from left field, we will understand :))

  7. Th only thing I can add is a rough translation of a French quotation :
    "What seems simple is just perfect".
    And don't ask me who wrote that, I don't remember, if I ever knew....

  8. Petrea, Mme.B ~ somewhat serendipitous it shall be! {I felt like Yoda just then.}

    Marylène ~ oh, that's lovely! And feel free to give us the French version too. We're rather fond of improving our French, as you know ...

  9. Ok. I'm late to the game, but I was going to say what Petrea said anyway. What a lovely watercolor.

    Lily: Like Petrea, who says everything right, I also send my condolences. People without pets don't always realize how hard it is to lose one, but I lost my dog Ivy two years ago and it was heartbreaking. We do have a new dog, Scout, who we love and adore, but we still miss our Ivy.

  10. I reiterate all that's been said here so far. Great idea. Would just like to add that I've run off with one of those dashing cavalry officers. Il s'appelle Olivier and he thinks these flowers are very romantic. Sigh.

  11. ... and wise, Margaret.

    Alexa ~ Oh my {fanning herself}! I'll totally understand if you fall behind with your blogging...

  12. Shell, I left a comment days ago but for some reason, I don't see it here. One of these days I'll learn how to use this thing called the Internet.

    Your flowers are gorgeous and I would love to have some every Friday, but all your other ideas sound wonderful, too. Wherever your muse takes you, we'll follow!

  13. PCN ~ LOL! That happens to me sometimes.

    Thank you all! Based on your comments, I'll use the Friday themes as a guide but will feel free to be spontaneous.


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