Feline Friday: In Purrfect Pawsition


Le Chat Noir II in Paris, ink and watercolour illustration by Shell-Sherree

It's that time of year again, when shares in pumpkin stocks go through the roof.  I think Halloween is something one had to grow up with to fully understand.  And I didn't grow up with it.  But in a brief nod to the tradition for those who embrace it, here is a black kitty cat who is testing herself as a good luck charm by venturing where others would fear to tread.  You might not be sufficiently scared of Trick or Treaters to climb out onto your roof to escape, but if they fill you with a modicum of trepidation, dressing for the part will help.  On the other hand, if you can't beat them, you might like to join them.  This will be handy either way.  Meanwhile, I'll take the opportunity to eat more chocolate of the dark noir variety.  You're very welcome to join me.  And on that note...

Happy Feline Friday to you!

Fashionable Friday: Cruising with Chanel


Chanel rose-gold, perspex, resin and enamel cuff from its Cruise 2013 collection; 
illustration by Shell-Sherree

Today, I thought I'd try something novel and follow a train of thought rather than being distracted by something shiny and sparkly.  As luck would have it, I found the two things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive when I decided to continue our sojourn with Chanel for a little longer before changing the channel.  {Sorry, I used up all my resistance to putting 'Chanel' and 'channel' in the same sentence last week...}  The blessings of Pinterest saved me having to scan a magazine cutout to show you.   I tried locating it directly on Chanel's site, but it was inevitable that I'd pass out instead from the controversial new Brad Pitt/Chanel N°5 ad {Part 2} currently on the home page. {I don't get the ad at all and I want him to cut his hair, but I didn't mind the distraction.  Momentary distraction.}  As wearing a cuff alone would attract the attention of the constabulary and an entirely different set of cuffs, please ~ let's attire ourselves accordingly.  Gratuitous pretty kitty here.  And on that note...

Happy Fashionable Francophile Friday to you!

Francophile Friday: Little Black Dress


Illustration of Chanel's Boutique Cambon, Paris, by Shell-Sherree: ink & watercolour

Last night, I went to a concert and had a simple choice ~ not whether to wear a little black dress, but which little black dress to wear.  This kitty cat has an even simpler choice ~ her little black dress is built in.   She was wearing a string of pearls but remembered Coco Chanel's advice and took one thing off.  {She's perfect as she is.} I'm always fond of black and white, but even more so at the moment.  And even more more so while drawing and painting today's illustration of Chanel's boutique at 31, rue Cambon in Paris.  In the face of so many choices and so much busyness in our everyday lives, there's something soothing about this palette.  Please, hop on our private jet and join me there so we can window shop for the perfect black: matte, satin or tweed.  You can powder your nose here.   Then we can go someplace and invest our funds in some colour co-ordinated macarons and donations to a charity of our choice.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Chanel Boutique Cambon
31, rue Cambon 
75001 Paris

Francophile Friday: Paris Magic


Illustration of l’Académie de Magie, Paris, by Shell-Sherree: ink & watercolour

Paris really is magical ~ the sign tells us so.  Thanks to dear Virginia of Paris Through My Lens for inspiring today's illustration.  She's a magician with her camera, so she doesn't need to attend l’Académie de Magie.  I did a little "Hey, Presto!" of my own and changed l’Académie's shop front from red to raspberry-pink {as you knew I would}.  Just in case we need to do any 'magician's assistant' duties, these dresses should give us a flirty edge without being too scanty.  And if anyone has the same delusions of grandeur as my favourite little apprentice, {not counting kitty}, you'll thank me for this practical footwear.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!
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