Francophile Friday: Of Absinthe and Affogato


{Absinthe Kitty: ink & watercolour illustration © Shell-Sherree}

Affogato!  Sounds perilously close to cussing in Italian {or blessing someone if they sneeze}, but today's illustration is brought to you in the wee hours of Saturday morning thanks to this simple dessert of vanilla ice-cream puddled in shots of espresso.  Make mine a double.  Wait ~ I already did.  If not for that, I'd have given into the temptation of sleeping.  And if I had absinthe in the bar cart {aka the top shelf of my pantry, which sadly looks nothing like this}, said slumber would possibly have taken place out on the roof or up in a tree ~ neither of which lends itself to late-night illustration attempts.  As I have none, catastrophe averted.

I must issue a warning with today's post, however.  Kitties: do not attempt this fanciful feline's adventures at home.  An unadulterated cat is fascination enough without adding absinthe into the equation.  But dear Virginia Jones's photo of Vert Absinthe in le Marais inspired me to follow the green fairy from our last post to this one, and look where we've ended up: illustrating an illustration.  Now, there's an absinthian concept if ever I saw one.  {Thanks as always, ma chère.} We should don something appropriate before entering, in case the custodians are recruiting this weekend.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Francophile Friday: Merci, Too


{Merci, Too: ink & watercolour illustration © Shell-Sherree}

I sit here at my studio desk and look to my right at my fading leopard-print letter rack and inspiration board hanging above it, and count almost a dozen handwritten quotes that have settled there since the new year alone.  Most along the lines of love, gratitude and faith.

So when I came across another cheery photo of Paris store Merci while seeking inspiration for today's illustration, I took the hint.  Any excuse to give thanks. If this looks familiar and you're making a note to decline the offer of a second glass of absinthe with dinner, relax ~ la fée verte is not at work {nor is the green fairy}.  This is indeed the second time I've illustrated Merci ~ which I think makes it a first.  I mean, the first time I've illustrated a place for the second time {excepting the Eiffel Tower, but she is in a category all her own}.  I mean... not to worry.  {Pass the absinthe...}  In the spirit of keeping things fresh, the cheeky little Fiat Cinquecento has pinker cheeks this time around and our kitty mascot is bringing you pawfuls of flowers to say, "I hope you know you are beautiful beyond measure."  {You can check out Virginia Jones's lovely Merci photos over here.  Look, more eye candy!}  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Update Friday 19th April:  I'm so sorry, I'll be taking a blog breather here and there for the next little while.  Turns out today is such a day.  I'll stay in touch and notify of my next post on my Facebook page.  Until next time, take care and bisous to you...

Francophile Friday: French Doors Give Us Paws


{French Doors Give Us Paws: ink & watercolour illustration by Shell-Sherree}

I'd lay money a secret society of frazzled home handymen in Paris {should I say 'handypersons' nowadays?  Where's my fainting couch, it's all so hard...} spread a rumour once upon a time that peeling paint merely adds a certain je ne sais quoi better left to its own crumbling devices in order to propagate a certain rakish charm ~ say, the architectural equivalent of a three-day growth.  {Hard to argue with that.}  The inspiration for today's illustration also makes a good case.  And with decorative railings like these, the walls could resemble filo pastry and all would be forgiven.  {Not to mention the excellent pawholds these beauties provide.}  But I vote we wander inside and check out the view from there.  Who knows, there might even be a ballroom!  I feel a wardrobe change in the air.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!
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