Happy Francophile Friday on a Monday: Vintage Paris for Bastille Day


{Timeles Paris Vintage : pencil and watercolour illustration by Shell-Sherree}

Hello ~ bonjour ~ ciao!

And happy Bastille Day to you, my sweethearts.

You had a feeling I'd surface today like a pastel-tinted, ruffled submarine from the depths of my dark chocolate/latte/bubbly-{but-only-after-6:00pm}-fuelled sabbatical, didn't you?   I sure hope so!  And I will be back more regularly forthwith.  Thank you for being so patient and sticking with me. 

The inspiration for today's illustration has been sitting on my desktop ~ the photo, that is, not the exquisite creature in it ~ for a long time.  Ever since our Paris compatriot Katie sent it to me.  {Thanks, dear Katie.  I love it, as you know!}  

Let us seek out some pink éclairs as appetisers, and if our champagne flows too freely, there's always this option for a nap.  And on that note ...

Happy Belated Francophile Friday to you!

{I'm sorry for the grey tone to the background - somehow I've found my illos are now showing that way here even though they are scanning cleanly.  I'll be doing some site renovations very soon so I hope to resolve that issue then...}
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