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The Other Salvatore

Clarence could hardly contain his excitement when his luxury watch from Salvatore Frogamo arrived, with its three interchangeable bands of human leather, and death-roll resistant to 15 metres. It came with the 'waxed, violet-tint' band already attached. Bellissimo! It would be his favourite, over the 'unwaxed, untinted naturale' and 'waxed and metallised'. NOW who's the most popular ladies' croc, hmm?


  1. Salvatore Frogamo---ha ha ha. Love it, Shell.

    When I read that one of Clarence's other watches was "unwaxed, untinted naturale," I thought, Oh dear, that must have been made out of my hide.

  2. What part of the human hide are these bands made from? ;)
    PCN: LOL!
    Given the choice I would rather wear Clarence than have Clarence wear me!

  3. I'm with Cali: the human leather is grossing me out. Very funny.

  4. PCN ~ or mine. {I'm trying the excuse that it's winter here.}

    from cali ~ I'm sure Clarence would rather wear you too! {Sorry - Signore Frogamo would not disclose his trade secrets, though he did offer me a kiss.}

    Margaret ~ I almost grossed myself out but when I settled on 'leather' rather than 'skin', it felt a tad better! All for a good 'animal equality' cause. ;)

  5. Ooh! Interesting concept here Shell, nice twist one could say. Very, very funny!

  6. MmeB ~ yes, Clarence looks pretty pleased with himself too. ;)

  7. check this out then

  8. sorry i didnt put the link in:


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