Friday Fleurish: Tickled Pink

It's Friday Fleurish, so here's a rustic basket potted with pink hyacinth bulbs and packed down with a little moss. They'll intoxicate you with their fragrance all weekend. {No blood alchohol levels will be affected, I promise!} I was tossing up a few different paintings for you today, but when I received this award from Finie Ramos, it tickled me pink, then decided me. I couldn't help but colour co-ordinate.

Thank you for the award, Finie! Finie has a sweet blog. She calls her comments Love Notes`~ a big clue about her right there.

Now I understand how tough it is to pass these awards on. So I put the names of my favourites on pieces of paper and had our kitty decide, based on the first three she tried to play with. But I'm passing the award on with no strings attached. It's yours to do with as you please. Just bask in the glory if you wish...
  1. Alexa at The Road is Mine, daily snaps, usually of New York, from a bright, good sort
  2. Margaret at Finnegan Begin Again, witty and sage writings on ancient goddesses, wise women and the occasionally piglet
  3. PopCultureNerd, intelligent inside scoops and reviews on movies, books, TV and other popcorn-fuelled pursuits
Thanks for your lovely blogs ~ celebratory hyacinths for everyone!


  1. Thank you, Shell Sherre for naming my blog as a Sweet Blog, I really appriciate it..

    by the way, which drawing of mine you talk about?

    ~I love your drawings too!~

  2. oh, thank you... its a very old drawings. about 2 years ago.. i'm not sure if i still can draw like that again because it seems like my fingers are getting hard to draw like that..huhuh

  3. Congratulations, Shell! How sweet to get a blog award. I am fascinated by those who blog and their readers. I wish I had more time to read them all!
    Thanks to you I have my Friday Fleurish. If we don't get some sun soon I am afraid they will start to wilt! ;)

  4. Very nice. And your cat has excellent taste.

  5. I rejoiced when I saw your beautiful flowers (hyacinths are amongst my favorites). Then I was excited to see you'd won a blog award. Then I was even more excited to see you and kitty had passed it on to me!

    Congratulations and thank you, Shell. I'm doing a happy dance much like your avatar.

  6. Cali ~ Well goodness, we can't have you or the hyacinths wilting. I'll try and send you some of our sun - it's glorious here today.

    Petrea ~ I think she and Boz would like each other! And your name was on one of those pieces of paper I rolled on the floor for her... I love my daily dose of Petrea and Pasadena.

    PCN ~ Hyacinths are up there with my favourites. And I'm doing the dance with you! Enjoy!

  7. Shell -- Thank you SO much—to you AND your cat!
    Like pcn, I'm doing a happy dance.
    Finie is really beautiful, isn't she (outside and in)?
    And thanks for also introducing me to the blogs of Margaret and pcn. They're all great, and now bookmarked!
    I happily accept your award—and also your beautiful hyacinths (one of my fragrant faves; how did you know?).

  8. Alexa ~ you're more than welcome - I always look forward to travelling your road with you. :)

  9. Yay for that much-deserved award! And hyacinths are one of my all-time favourite flowers! They're almost sculptural in their beauty, aren't they?!

    Hope you're having a great weekend Shell--and thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog this week :)

  10. Anne ~ thank you {and you're welcome too - love your inspiration at the CitySage}! I thought of you when I visited our local farmers' markets on Saturday.

    Unseen Rajasthan ~ thanks, and congrats on your own recent award!

  11. Congratulations, Shell !
    You DO deserve it and you transmitted "le flambeau" very well !!
    Along with Alexa, you inspire me. I am getting addicted, I often wonder, in front of an event, how you and her would "translate" and comment it !!!
    Now I'll go and visit the other blogs you mentioned, again thank you.

  12. Marylène ~ {Blush!} Merci beaucoup! Yes, our kitty passed the torch on to some wonderful bloggers. I'm glad I allowed her to choose - c'est trop difficile. :)

  13. Congratulations on your award, and thanks for sending it along to me! I am delighted and honored, although I can almost promise that I won't be able to color-coordinate it.

  14. Margaret ~ you're being modest as always - I know you can colour co-ordinate it, but there is absolutely no requirement to do so. Enjoy!

  15. Congratulations Shell - you DO deserve the award and the hyacinths are gorgeous.

  16. Thanks, MmeB ~ I love this time of year here with the beautiful bulbs out in bloom!


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