Francophile Friday: Dior Noël au Printemps


Inspiration: Dior's Christmas windows, Printemps, Paris ~ illustration by Shell-Sherree

I love that you know me so well and send me things you know I can't help but draw.  Thanks to dear Cali for first showing me Dior's Christmas windows at Parisian department store Le Printemps this season.  Call me 'shallow' and roll me in fairy floss, but I would give a lot for one of those marionettes.  And the sets.  From carousels to monogrammed hot air balloons, the House of Dior takes us on a whimsical and delicate journey through the City of Light.   Choose your gown and some gilty sustenance, grab a kitty {or a pretend puppy dog if so inclined} and enjoy the ride.

May your Christmas and festive season be filled with love and laughter, no matter how you choose to celebrate.  Thank you for another year of beautiful friendship and flights of imagination.  I'll do my usual and enjoy a little R&R with my nearest and dearest {the ones who live here, that is!}  See you in a couple of weeks or so.   Group hug, my sweets.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday {and Festive Frivolities} to you!

Furry Friends Friday: Whiskers + Kisses


Harry of Whiskers + Kisses {ink & watercolour illustration Shell-Sherree}

Ah, sweet mystery of search engines at last have found me... and I have no idea how, but it turned out to be most serendipitous when Leanne of Brischetto Photography happened upon me while seeking a kindred spirit to illustrate her fur kids.  When I saw Dax, Rusty and Harry on the Whiskers + Kisses website their smitten mum has dedicated to them ~ well, resistance was futile!  It was a two-fold blessing, as I've been wanting to have Ella photographed by someone who can do her justice {who doesn't live on the other side of the world ~ you all know who you are!!} ~ and along she came.  One logo, three illustrations, a photo shoot and countless hilarious emails later, I've found a beautiful new friend as well.  Ella was reasonably gracious for her portrait session {I'll be posting links soon} and such a good time was had by all, we ran out of light before Leanne could photograph my studio.  Not to worry, it gives us another excuse to catch up again soon.  I did procure some macarons for styling purposes, and they might perhaps have happened to fall into our mouths when we declared, "It's a wrap!" for the day.  A fitting end to proceedings.

Rusty {top} and Daxy-Girl of Whiskers + Kisses {ink & watercolour illustration Shell-Sherree}

When you drop over to visit Dax, Rusty and Harry, I'm thinking casual is the order of the day.   Snacky-wackies are optional but likely to be welcome.  And on that note...

Happy Furry Friends Friday to you!


Frivolous Friday: Acqua di Stresa


Illustration of  Acqua di Stresa - Italy: by Shell-Sherree: pigment ink pen & watercolour

I don't speak Italian {aside from the occasional cheerily pretentious "Ciao, bella!" amongst friends}.  And I forgot to ask Katie about this shop {thanks for the inspiration, bella!}  So I really should have done some research before deducing its name could mean Water of Stress ~ then applying the logic that no-one would encourage people to use Water of Stress, therefore it must be one of those funky reverse meaning things, whereby it actually means Water of De-Stress... aha, a day spa!  Delighted at the excuse to finally show you this spa in action, I launched into today's illustration, only to discover once finished that it's actually a perfumerie in the Italian town of Stresa on Lago Maggiore, and symbolic of "charming melancholy, passion and poetry".  Not to worry.  Let's inhale their scented waters, relax into a new weekend and use the occasion to try some Italian delicacies for a change.  I have not implemented a system for cataloguing our wardrobe choices, so forgive me if we're wearing the same outfit twice.  It's better for the planet anyway.  And on that note...

Happy Frivolous Friday to you!
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