Francophile Friday: Walk This Way


 ink & watercolour illustration, 7' x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm]

I can't tell you how tempted I was to put this puss in boots, but you can imagine, I'm sure.  Last Tuesday's train just pulled into one of our favourite cities.   In thank-you-dear-Katie's photo inspiration for today's setting, these Parisian doors were firmly closed to inquisitive eyes, but it seems our mysterious goldie-locked blonde traveller and her snowy white feline companion know how to charm their way in.  They are going into an 'Illustration Protection Programme' and you won't see them again until they are ready to be unveiled properly. {It could be a while ~ I've arranged for regular champagne and macaron deliveries}.  By the way, I've missed you all this week.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday Fleurish to you!

Francophile Friday: Keep the Carousel Warm


ink & watercolour illustration, 4.5" x 6.25" [12 x 16cm]

Tuesday's talk of a relaxed train trip inspired me to have a little blog breather ~ yes, that one I promised a while ago and conveniently forgot about.  I'll be posting on Fridays only for a bit ~ a change is as good as a holiday, some wise drunk ~ err, soul once said.  Paris seems the ideal spot to keep you in suspended animation for the coming week.  And how better than a beautiful carousel ~ it takes you nowhere in a leisurely fashion and there's a lot to look at along the way.  You'll also find a generous supply of fairy floss {cotton candy} and macarons upstairs to sustain you.   And on that sweet note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Meep: Vintage Travel


ink & watercolour weensy, 2.25" x 3" [ 6 x 8cm]

This little train goes, "Meep!" What a romantic way to travel.  As long as the porter remembers to load her luggage on board, the goldie-locked lassie looks well-prepared for any chance meeting she may encounter along the way.  And she's already put in her order for poached salmon for dinner.  Two serves ~ one of them minus the lemon butter and vegetables, please.  One has to watch one's figure, you know.


Francophile Friday Fleurish: By Geranium, Some Macarons!


ink & watercolour illustration, inspiration thanks to Virginia Jones Photography

Let's head for the weekend with some macaron love.   This is inspired by Virginia Jones's beautifully styled photo of her recent macquisitions visit to EuroPane in Pasadena.  While these macarons may not be made on French soil, they look like fine ambassadors for this typically Parisian treat.  There's little else to say, really, other than...

Happy Francophile Friday Fleurish to you!

Ferry Welcoming


ink & watercolour illustration,  6" x 6.5" [15 x 16.5cm]

I love it when people roll out the Welcome Mat by tattooing it onto their footpaths.  There's no doubting the commitment level.

When I was over visiting Alexa the other day, her photo of a "Welcome to Booklyn" sign embedded into the concrete reminded me of this Brisbane illustration I did years ago, at the Thornton St ferry stop at Kangaroo Point.  It's only a few kilometres or so from ye olde Pineapple Hotel that you might recall from a previous visit.  I haven't been there in years, so I don't know how this sign is weathering the foot, boot and thong traffic ~ but I do hope it's still there in all its quaint glory!

Francophile Friday: Who's in Le Paradou


ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm]

Like many weekends, this one holds the promise of catching up on some reading.  For such a purpose, let's borrow this former sheep barn in Le Paradou, a small Provençal village tucked between Arles and Saint-Rémy in Provence. 

This illustration is loosely inspired by my copy of Pierre Deux's French Country: A Style and Source Book, by the two Pierres of Pierre Deux fame {sale on now, by the way!} and Linda Dannenberg.  This country house now comes with a library, chandelier, resident redhead and puppy dog {the cats are sunning themselves out the back}, as all good country homes should do.   And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Meep: Moggies in Morocco


ink & watercolour weensy, 2.25" x 3" [ 6 x 8cm]

On a cold and drizzly day like today, I thought I'd fly us on a magic rug to Morocco where we can amble through the souks and markets for a while, then return several stops short of desiccation.  Thanks so very much to dear Katie of Katiefornia for her photo inspiration.  This illustration is pint-sized, so my kitties {smuggled in one of these} won't feel threatened by these kitties.  I have a sudden yearning for sardines for lunch.  Can't imagine why...
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