Furry Friends Friday : Shih Tzu Lilac Lounging


Shih Tzu Molly Loves Lounging in Lilac illustration © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

Molly the Shih Tzu loves learning languages.  And lounging around in lilac for an hour or few.

Today's illustration is part of the new Animal Nursery prints collection I've put together in my online gallery store.  I've had many people over the time suggesting I write and illustrate children's books ~ a delightful idea that I've not yet got my head around.  I'm not sure I have a long enough attention span.

But in the meantime, I've started gathering a bunch of my illustrations into the aforementioned animal collection and a Paris/French Nursery themed one.  It takes me a while to see the forest for the trees, let alone the leaves!  These will make life easier for people looking to feather their little ones' nests and baby gifts. 

While I'm in a chatty mood (just a typical day, really) ... if you're thinking of a beautiful art/home decor gift to brighten an adult loved one's life, I encourage you to hop over pronto/tout de suite/right away and browse my Paris prints, limited edition 'Celebrating the Feminine' artworks (only 5 of each size available, ever!) and gorgeous silk leopard scarf ~ or book your custom pet portrait illustration.  Time is of the essence, as all the postal services and couriers are saying they are already flat out like lizards drinking! (Now there's an idea for a children's book, surely.)  And on that note ...

Happy Furry Friends Friday to you !



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