Fashionable Francophile Friday : In a Fainting Fashion


Paris fashion illustration, In a Fainting Fashion, ink and watercolour  © Shell-Sherree
Paris fashion illustration, In a Fainting Fashion, ink and watercolour  © Shell-Sherree

When the simple glory of flowers becomes overwhelming in its beauty ... keep the smelling salts handy !

This was one of my earliest forays into fashion illustrating.  I still have a soft spot for it, while resisting the compulsion to add a kitty somewhere.  Oh, how I'd love that outfit to show up in my wardrobe ~ though my black phase has passed and it would be transmuted into a rich, deep purply-bluey-purple-blue.  With gold.  Ba-da bling, ba-da bloom, baby !

So come, let us gather our skirts instead of our thoughts.  They can run barefoot and free for now.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you !

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Francophile Friday : Tutu Pink on Paris Rooftops


Paris illustration, Fashion & Fluffballs, Tutu Pink on Paris Rooftops  © Shell-Sherree
Paris illustration, Fashion & Fluffballs, Tutu Pink on Paris Rooftops  © Shell-Sherree

Come on up.  The view is lovely!  Assuming you're not a member of Vertigo Sufferers Anonymous, that is, in which case ... not so much.

I could just about replicate today's illustration Chez Shell, minus the Paris scenery and adorable French bulldog Instafriend Oscar ~ and I'd never be game enough to take Ella out onto the roof ~ and I don't quite have the fluffy pink tutu skirt.  But aside from that? We're good to go!  So come, let us float paper bumbershoots in martinis and shoot the breeze.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Francophile Friday to you !


Fashionable Friday : French Bulldogs and the Tulip Tryst


Fashion and Fluffballs illustration French Bulldog Tulip Tryst  © Shell-Sherree
Fashion and Fluffballs illustration Tulips and French Bulldog Tryst  © Shell-Sherree

When you want to woo someone, tulips are a lovely choice.

They follow the light.

Today's illustration of a pair of adorable French bulldogs snuggling is inspired by my dear Instafriends Frank Jr and Stella.  You can follow their adventures at @frankjrandstella.   You'll find them wearing their beloved Green Bay Packers jerseys more often than something fluffy. So I've kept them au naturale and averted the need for fig leaves with strategic gown positioning.  Such is the magic of illustration.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Frenchie Friday to you !

PS:  I've created an adorable new range of designs I call 'Petal Pies'.  Available on all kinds of merchandise, from cushions and totes to cards, clocks and mugs.  Aww!  Along with French bulldogs, there are kitties and other pup breeds with more being added regularly. Sweet gifts for the animal lovers in your life.  You can check them out here.

Shell Sherree pet illustration Petal Pies pet merchandise


Fashionable Friday : Make Like Diane Keaton


Fashion and fluffballs illustration Lilac Seventies-Style Slouching  © Shell-Sherree
Fashion and Fluffballs illustration Lilac Seventies-Style Slouching  © Shell-Sherree

Someone once likened me to Diane Keaton.

As I'm not tall in stature, I have a feeling this observation owed more to my oft-circuitous conversational path than to appearance.  To be fair, I leave a good breadcrumb trail that's easily followed if you keep your wits about you.  But keeping a bag of trail mix in your pocket isn't a bad idea. 

Anyhoo, potential vague similarities aside, today's illustration is inspired by the always-stylish Ms Keaton.  Is she a lover of cats? I rather suspect so. Speaking of cats, did I tell you about the time I saw a black hat on the side of a ... ooh, fairy floss !  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !

PS:  Looking for something special for the animal lover in your life?  Click the Contact link on the menu to enquire about an illustrated portrait.  One of a kind for one of a kind. Too adorable for words!

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Fluffballs Friday : French Bulldog Pup's Italian Cycling Adventure


French Bulldog and Mum illustration: Uvetta and Martina's Cycling Adventure  © Shell-Sherree
French Bulldog and Mum illustration: Uvetta and Martina's Cycling Adventure  © Shell-Sherree

Grazie mille, Google Translate.  Like a dapper waiter at the cocktail party who charms the guests all evening then drops a tray of devilled eggs in the middle of a speech, you can cause mild embarrassment at inopportune moments.  But in this case, you served me well.

I received an email recently in Italian from a beautiful French bulldog mamma Martina, requesting a custom illustration of her with her adorable pup Uvetta. {You can follow her adventure on Instagram here.} Well, that's what I hoped it said after chugging it into Google Translate.  A clear, trusting brief with inspiring photos helped immensely in keeping our communiques quick and simple.  When Martina saw her artwork and loved it ~ and nothing proved lost in translation ~  a "Woot!" and a high five-selfie escaped me.  So indelicate!

So come, let's follow their lead and tootle into the countryside on bicycles built for one and a half.  There's ample room for flowers, crusty bread and a cheeky bottle of red.  Italy or France, take your pick.  They both work for me.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffballs Friday to you !

Venerdi in Venice : If the Boater Fits


Venice illustration: Venice Boaters and Kitty Gondolier  © Shell-Sherree
Venice illustration: Venice Boaters and Kitty Gondolier  © Shell-Sherree

I've been slow to hop on board the boater hat trend.  In fact, I haven't.  Being five foot two, I don't need to plant a bottle cap on my head thusly and thereby verily taking another couple of inches off the overall demeanour of my height.  No, thank ye.

But ~ today's illustrated tour of Venice called for it, and while I don't believe in air-brushing, I'm not averse to adding a foot to my stature when paint-brushing.   Boater Hat Crisis: averted. 

So come, let us hitch a ride with yonder kitty gondolier who happens to be moonlighting as a florist.  Or is he daylighting?  No matter.  I have it on good authority there's a galvanised bucket of ice with a bottle of Prosecco that has our name on it.  And a few spare armfuls of blooms that fell off the back of another gondola.  Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.  And on that note ...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you !

Francophile Friday : Merci, Mercy


Merci Paris illustration  © Shell-Sherree
Merci Paris illustration  © Shell-Sherree

 Take your pick this week as to Francophile Friday or Flashback Friday. This illustration of the gorgeous Merci store in Paris goes back quite a ways!  So far back, it pre-dates my signature inclusion of a kitty mascot.  I wondered why it felt like something was missing.

I love that the French word for 'thank you' is similar to the English word 'mercy'.  So in a manner most unlike me, I did some research. {Don't be alarmed... it will pass.} 

According to ye olde Online Etymology Dictionary, 'Mercy' is derived from Old French mercit, merci "reward, gift, kindness, grace, pity," which came in turn from the Latin mercedem "reward, wages, pay hire".  Que? 

Thankfully ~ mercifully ~ when we head even further back to 6th century Church Latin, mercedem meant "applied to the heavenly reward of those who show kindness to the helpless."  Ahh.  And we're kind of back where we started.  I knew research was a waste of time.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

PS:  You'll find Merci in the 3rd arrondissement:  111 boulevard Beaumarchais 95003.
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