Friday, May 22, 2015

Fashionable Friday : All Aboard, Frenchies and Fluffballs

Fashion illustration : Royal Ascot and Almost-Audrey © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion illustration : All Aboard, Frenchies and Fluffballs © Shell-Sherree}

All aboard !  The Frenchie Express awaits us with a magical mystery tour for the whole weekend. 

Personally, I intend on lounging around in this fluffy number for the entire trip ~ aside from bedtime, when silk pyjamas and an eye mask will be put into service.  And possibly some chamomile teabags.  For my eyes, that is.  I've officially given up trying to drink the stuff.

If something less fluffy is more to your taste for the daylight hours, fear not, as we have an entire carriage dedicated to wardrobe, hair and make-up, so I guarantee you will fall in love, love, love with an outfit that feels like it's been especially made for you.  We shall meet for Kir Royales at cocktail hour, which happens to coincide with every hour, on the hour. And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fashionable Flashback : Royal Ascot and Almost-Audrey

Fashion illustration : Royal Ascot and Almost-Audrey © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion illustration : Royal Ascot and Almost-Audrey © Shell-Sherree}

When this Audrey Hepburn inspiration leapt out at me, I illustrated first and asked questions later. 

This felt like My Fair Lady ~ but didn't seem right.  I turned to my Golden Age of Hollywood 'go to' person and she came up with the answer, as I knew she would.  She's modest, so I'll leave her to put up her hand if she wishes ~ meanwhile, "Thank you again, my sweet !"

Turns out Audrey is modelling a costume from the Royal Ascot scene ~ but it wasn't one of her costumes in the movie.  Cecil Beaton {designer, photographer, illlustrator and generally artistic bod} asked her to model his other creations, to the chagrin of director George Cukor or so the story goes.  Mr Beaton's designs are exquisite and even more so on Audrey, so it's easy to forgive his mildly eccentric request. 

One of these days, I will illustrate Audrey in 'the real costume' from that scene, in all its iconic magnificence.  Meanwhile, let us move our bloomin' proverbials onto a spot of tea and cucumber sandwiches.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Flashback to you !


Friday, May 15, 2015

Fashionable Feline Friday : Of Aqua and the Orient

Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Aqua and the Orient © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Aqua and the Orient © Shell-Sherree}

A beautiful globe.  This will be my geographical saviour.  I know my strengths and to date, geography has not been one of them.  {History was scratched long, long ago for refusing to even get into the starting gates.}  But I have visions of a glorious globe in cream and gold, with lots of aqua and pink ~ and should I find this inanimate creature of loveliness and bring it home, I'm sure a whole new world will be awakened.  Unless it's a vintage globe, in which case an old new world will be awakened.  Be ready for anything.

Anyhoo, that was a long way of saying today's illustration has an oriental flavour, but I'm using the term loosely.  I don't yet have The Globe.  Inspired by this gorgeous creation in orange, I leave that colour to my vibrant mum who wears it spectacularly ~ it never wears her ! ~ and I shall opt for one of my signature shades for this weekend's adventures.  But there's a rack of these in every colour you fancy, so the choice is yours.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Feline Friday to you !


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fashionable Paris Daydreams : Going with the Flow

Paris fashion illustration, Flowery Flow and Fluffballs in Paris © Shell-Sherree
{Paris fashion and fluffballs illustration : Flowery Flow in Paris © Shell-Sherree}

A late dinner in Paris ?  Sounds perfectly lovely !  We have plenty of time for a pre-dinner stroll and what luck ~ this soft, quilted evening bag is just ample enough to double as a doggie bag. 

Today's Paris fashion illustration is inspired by this image of Chiara Ferragni in a gown by Patricia Bonaldi.  The dress is all but backless, so feel free to BYO faux fur cape if you're prone to chills. On the other hand, some chivalrous man might offer to drape his dinner jacket around our goosebumped shoulders ~ so those capes are better left at home !  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Paris Daydreams to you ! 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fashionably Fluffy : Golden Girl from the Golden Age

Fashion illustration : Mitzi Ruffled in Pink, Ivory and Blue © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion illustration : Mitzi Ruffled in Pink, Ivory and Blue © Shell-Sherree}

While we're thinking 'costumes' in light of yesterday's annual Met Ball fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York city ~ {and some designers ran out of fabric, it seems} ~ today's costume illustration is closer to home for me. 

Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood is currently on display at the Museum of Brisbane {closes 24th May 2015}.  My mum, sister, niece and I went along for a very lovely 'girly' morning out.  This gorgeous curation came from the private collection of Brisbane lawyer Nicholas Inglis.  {You can watch him talking about it here.}  A theatre and film buff, he has been amassing gems over the past 20 years like the one I've illustrated today, worn by Mitzi Gaynor in Golden Girl {1951}.  It's my personal favourite, though many were only a swoon behind.  When the pressure was on, the ruffles had it ! 

This fluffy confection is a work of art within the underskirt that only revealed itself when Mitzi Gaynor twirled enough to reveal glimpses of fuchsia, white and cobalt.  The actual costume is more ivory than white, so I gather the costume colour was adjusted as they often did.  I love it even more because the ruffles are a surprise.  Flirtatious.  A playful wink rather than putting all the goods on display.  Much more enticing.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Fluffiness to you !


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fashionable Friday: Lilac, Ladurée and Fluffballs

Fashion illustration, Lilac, Ladurée and Fluffballs © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion illustration : Lilac, Ladurée and Fluffballs © Shell-Sherree}

Trans-seasonal dressing is a blessing for those of us who like to sit on the fence.  I confess, I'm can be a fence sitter.  It's not that I don't have strong opinions ~ it's just that they can change with the weather.  And I can see so many different points of view.  Both a blessing and a curse ~ or is it just that I'm unable to decide?

Anyhoo, in honour of both 'hemis' of the sphere moving between summer and winter, let's team a lovely, soft, cashmere cardigan with a skirt that flows around us on a gossamer fairy cloud, in a suitably nebulous shade of lilac ~ or is it lilacish grey ~ or perhaps dusty aubergine ?  {You can imagine the hell I go through choosing a wall colour.}  Our kitty and Frenchie have no such concerns.  They are merely willing us to stop fluffing around and open that hat box-sized serving of Ladurée macarons.  In keeping with the vague nature of today's illustration and post, it has every flavour you can imagine.  Hours of indecision await.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday Fluffiness to you !


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fluffy and Furry Saviours : On Sweet Wings and a Prayer

Feathered friend carrier pigeon illustration : On Sweet Wings and a Prayer © Shell-Sherree
{Feathered friend illustration : On Sweet Wings and a Prayer © Shell-Sherree}

Today is Anzac Day ~ and this year we commemorate 100 years since the first landings at Gallipoli.

It's a time of respect and remembrance for all those who have given their lives for their country and those who continue to put themselves on the line today.  Hundreds of thousands of animals have served and protected, too.  From dogs to donkeys, camels to horses ~ and cats {mostly on ships, but yes, they served!} ~ there are countless tales to be told.

And valiant little carrier pigeons gave far more than their weight in hearts of gold, both close to home and abroad. You can read the touching story here of how carrier pigeons helped our troops fighting in Papua New Guinea in WWII.  I'm reminded of this quote from A Midsummer Night's Dream, "Though she be but little, she is fierce!"

In the here and now, animals help soldiers with wounded souls to heal, thanks to organisations such as The Dog Squad which unites rescue dogs with veterans suffering from PTSD.  I spend much of Anzac Day sniffling back tears but some, like these, are happy ones. 

Wishing you a peaceful and loving day.  Lest we forget.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashionable Paris Daydreams : Pink Belle of the Ballgown

Paris fashion illustration, Paris Pink Belle of the Ballgown © Shell-Sherree
{Paris fashion illustration : Paris Pink Belle of the Ballgown © Shell-Sherree}

Well, hello there.  Going our way ? I seem to have forgotten something ... let's see ~ oh, yes.  To put my leg away.  Tsk, tsk.

Today's Paris fashion illustration is inspired by this extravagant Dior gown.  I could have easily been more modest in the translation, but it seems I'm not above showing a little leg.  We've stopped well short of doing a Cancan.  {Come to think of it, I don't know why !  Therein lies an illustration for another day.}

Behold the function in this form.  Much macaron contraband can be obscured in the generous fall of the skirt ~ and it's ideal for kitty smuggling if the invitation states No Cats Allowed {though that could be grounds for a protest in the finest of Parisian traditions.}  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Paris daydreams to you !


Friday, April 17, 2015

Fashionable Friday : Netting a Cat in the Hat

Fashion illustration, In the Pink with Netted Hat and Cat © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion illustration : In the Pink with Netted Hat and Cat © Shell-Sherree}

Uh-oh.  It's hat hair time again.  Just when you thought you were off the hook.  Surprise !

Today's fashion illustration indulges my current state of Jean Shrimpton smittendom.  Here's the original inspiration ~ and if you ask me, there was more than a dash of Cat in the Hat behind that. 

So, let's all have hat hair together this weekend.  It's been pretty breezy here this afternoon, so we might need luxury-length hat pins, but old school glamour does not come without sacrifice.  And we're at risk of getting something caught if we bat our false eyelashes too heavily under that netting, but I'm willing to take one for the team if you are.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !


Friday, April 10, 2015

Fashionable Friday : Shimmy Chic Pink

Fashion illustration : Shimmy Chic the Pink Downstairs,  © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion illustration : Shimmy Chic the Pink Downstairs © Shell-Sherree}

Now that we've had a Token Casual Day Chez Shell, it's back to the glammies.  My penchant for bows is only a few steps behind my obsession for ruffles, so today we are shimmying downstairs to answer the door in a soft pink number with a bowed bustle to add some rustle to the hustle.  {Stop me, someone ...}

Today's fashion illustration is inspired by this divine vision, whose gown was most likely ivory in colour, but given the choice between ivory and pink, you know where my brush and palette will want to go.  As for our usual kitty or dog, feel free to decide whether they are hiding under the train or chasing the tail end of it.

Sitting for any length of time would be a waste of a beautiful back view ~ a brief perch at the most, I feel ~ so a leisurely stroll might be the most flattering way to pass the time.  Our Hugh is on his way to chaperone and field prospective suitors.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Paris Daydreams : Casual Pastels with a Touch of Fluffballs

Paris fashion illustration : Paris Pastels au Casuale © Shell-Sherree
{Paris fashion illustration : Paris Pastels au Casuale © Shell-Sherree}

The Instasphere has blossomed forth with a proliferation of Paris petals in the past few days.  And very pretty it is, too !

While Spring has arrived in the gorgeous city the Eiffel Tower simply knows as 'home', I suspect a light blazer for layering will be welcomed with open, goosebumped arms for a little while yet.  We're past the tail end wagging of the four day weekend Easter brings here in Australia, but I vote we stay in casual mode for one more day and go walkies.  It also gives us a chance to take Kate Spade New York's Lily Avenue Carrigan tote for a kitty-toting-test.  {Looks like a thumbs up to me.}

I hope you'll join us !  We might even bump into some Nutella crepes while we're strolling.  And on that note ...

Happy Paris Daydreams to you !

PS:  Very limited edition prints are coming to my petite online prints boutique very soon.  Meanwhile, my six most popular Paris prints are still available as open editions for the time being. 


Friday, April 3, 2015

Fashionable Friday : Minty Fluffy Honey Bunnies

Fashion illustration, Minty Fluffy Honey Bunnies © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion illustration : Minty Fluffy Honey Bunnies © Shell-Sherree}

Fluffy is as fluffy does, and it seems that's become a recurring theme Chez Shell.

Today's fashion illustration is inspired by Giambattista Valli's haute couture spread in Harper's BAZAAR.  {It's not the first time this collection has inspired me.}  I chose it especially for this weekend, as it seems only kind to provide the Easter bunny with shelter in which to camouflage if tuckered out from eluding chocolate-fuelled pocket rockets whose speed is disproportionate to their leg length.

Nestle our bunny into this skirt and our little fluffy poppet will safely disappear for hours of rest, rejuvenation ~ and maybe even a pawdicure.  Our refreshments include candy eggs and macarons in pastel colours {but of course}, and we have plenty of ladders to go around.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you {and a safe and peaceful Easter to those who celebrate it}.