Fashion & Fluffballs Friday : Classic Audrey and Mr Famous


Audrey and Mr Famous Go To the Country, fashion & fluffballs illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Audrey and Mr Famous Go To the Country, fashion & fluffballs illustration © Shell-Sherree}

Even Paris daydreams need a holiday once in a while.  So let's go au casuale and head to the countryside.  I hear a cool change is finally blowing in.

Today's illustration is inspired by my evergreen girl crush, Audrey Hepburn, and her first beloved Yorkshire terrier Mr Famous, who shared screen time with his mum in Funny Face {possibly because they were all but inseparable!} Audrey is credited with introducing Yorkies to Hollywood ~ and such dear little characters they are, too! 

Audrey believed in pink.  And if she was alive today, I have a feeling she would appreciate the hashtag #KeepingItReal.  In that spirit, I figured if it's styling-appropriate to display a pink Mentos, it's only fair to include the wrapper.  So come, let us load up on pastel lollies and thermos flasks, pull back the roof of the convertible and see how far the blood sugar rush takes us. And on that note ...

Happy Fashion & Fluffballs Friday to you!

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Fleurish Friday : Tiptoeing Around Tulips


Cocktails and Vintage Noir Fashion & Kitty Cat illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Cocktails and Vintage Noir Fashion & Kitty Cat illustration © Shell-Sherree}

Welcome to my tulip garden.  Not exactly earthy but highly appropriate for today's illustration.

Bulbs are supposed to be planted when the weather turns cold ~ traditionally known quaintly by historians as 'autumn' and 'winter'.  But Houston, we have a problem, as I sit here at my studio desk wearing a black cotton slip dress and no need of a cardi {albeit still daylight}. 

Aspiring tulip growers of Brisbane must have beads of discombobulation trickling down their furrowed brows.  Their bulbs are in grave jeopardy of ending up crushed and sautéed in a case of mistaken onion identity, loitering as they are in the dark recesses of fridge crisper drawers while the mercury decides whether to release its grip on the mid-20s of celsius.  And yet, for problems such as this, we should pray. I'm happy to dodge frozen extremities for a while longer.

So come, let us don our shortest sleeves and satin cocktail gloves, pull up a mocktail and speak of black tulips and unicorns.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Fleurish Friday to you ! 


Espresso Yourself : Of Chihuahuas and Cafe Life


Chihuahua Cafe Life in Paris illustration © Shell-Sherree
Chihuahua Cafe Life in Paris illustration © Shell-Sherree

The only plus side of my coffee machine finally expelling its last puff of steam? The chance to name a new one.

When sifting through the glitterati of alliterative opportunities in my head, French names were high on the list ~ a logical default given my rose-coloured glasses are still fixed on Paris and inching towards the real possibility that the delicate macaron-tinted daydreams I've hand-held all these years {cough} decades can never be matched.

But in the end, I thought of my new machine's model moniker Venezia and dubbed her Violetta. In  honour of same, I included two tiny chihuahuas, tucked into the tote of today's illustration, who love visiting Venice.  {You can follow the adventures of Hermès & Hercules here.}  But we are detouring via Paris for today.

If you'd like to send your pups or kitty cats on a magic carpet ride to the destination of their dreams, let me know what you have in mind and I'll send you some info. What a lovely gift idea !  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffballs Friday to you!


May the Fourth Be With You


French Bulldog & Kitty May the 4th Be With You illustration © Shell-Sherree
{French Bulldog & Kitty May the 4th Be With You illustration © Shell-Sherree}

Say, "Hello," to Gary, the subject of today's Fashion & Fluffballs pet illustration.

If Carrie Fisher's scene-stealing French bulldog Gary had been on set back in the day, there's a good chance the Star Wars dynasty would have included a Frenchie.  I'm relieved that didn't happen, or I'd have been forced to abstain thanks to my golden rule of not watching movies starring animals.  Far too high a 'Weeping Inconsolably' risk factor for my EQ levels.

But here Chez Shell, transportation to your happy place is always a safe bet.  So come, pull up a cosmic lounger, roll up those side buns and clink glowing glasses of liquid aqua while pining for the caramel scrolls back home.  And on that note ...

May the Fourth be with you !


Friday Fleurish : A Spot of Weekend Gardening


Flutter By Kitty illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion & Fluffballs illustration: Flutter By Flower Fountain © Shell-Sherree}

This is the closest I could happily come unto gardening.  Tuck a few flowers and butterflies into a tumbled mess of up-do and that's my work done for the weekend. 

No weed-pulling.  No Edward Scissorhandsing.  I can't even fit a hat on top, so I'm doing my thing for sun smarts by staying safely indoors.

So come, let us make a pitcher of iced single origin oolong hand-plucked tea and ponder on the vagaries of varietals.  It will all be news to me.  And on that note ...

Happy Friday Fleurish to you !


Fashionable Friday : Coachella Coochie-Coo


Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Coachella Coochie-Coo © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Coachella Coochie-Coo © Shell-Sherree}

For long enough to embarrass myself, I thought Coachella was a brand of handbags.   Perhaps that comes of having a cat named Ella {which is totally unrelated to bags but welcome to my brain} and a friend who loves Coach bags.  And a finger that has no desire to rest on the pulse of festival life.

Anyhoo, I've opted for head-to-toe Gucci for our sojourn and we can gather some fluffballs for a session of Gucci-coochie-coo.  Which sounds like a good name for a craft beer, come to think of it.  You saw it here first.  Let us feast on something cold-pressed served in a pineapple and sipped through a hand-whittled coconut husk straw ~ and wonder where we left our heart-shaped glasses.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you!


Fashionable Friday : Out of Africa-ish


Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Vintage Camera Romance © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Vintage Camera Romance © Shell-Sherree}

Not quite Out of Africa, but from the looks of that fence, this could be our definition of a weekend with the big cats.

Call me old-fashioned but there's a certain romance about old cameras and the careful consideration called for when capturing a moment in time without the ease of digital indulgence.  And don't get me started on dark rooms.  Is a kiss stolen while gently swirling paper and watching an image come alive under the ripples more breathtaking than a smooch exchanged over a computer screen?

Let us compose ourselves and sip G&Ts with a slice of finely-Laguioled lime while we ponder on the meritous possibilities of hipsters trading fudge brownies for Box Brownies.  Perhaps not a moment too soon.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !

Fashionable Friday : Dior de Triomphe


Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Dior de Triomphe © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Dior de Triomphe © Shell-Sherree}

Ah, the power of being able to change a designer's colours on a whim with zero cost to the management.

While I started out with every intention of staying true to the lemon chiffon and 15 shades of grey used for the original gown by John Galliano for Dior, a suspected blood sugar droppage led me down the sweetheart lollies colourway path. If you're reading this, Mr Galliano, I'm sorry.  And oh, look: a diversionary French bulldog puppy! Pretty!

I may be a fashion neophyte, but I know what makes a 'My-God-but-you're-lovely' radar ping.  And this nod by John Galliano to legendary fashion illustrator René Gruau had my sonars all a-flutter. So let us stop the Paris traffic and take our 50 metres of silk and tulle for a spin while five crack teams of very tuckered out silkworms recuperate in a mulberry tree spa in an undisclosed location.  Gosh knows, they've earned it.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !
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