Francophile Friday: Call Me Ispahan


Illustration of Pierre Hermé's Ispahan macaron creation ~ by Shell-Sherree: ink & watercolour

It's the fourth blogoversary Chez Shell tomorrow.  Special occasions are often celebrated with roses ~ so given our penchant for Paris and pâtisseries, the edible version is our modus operandi for this weekend's party.  Pierre Hermé's iconic Ispahan is a glamorous construction of rose macarons {biscuit macaron à la rose}, rose petal cream {la crème aux petals de roses}, whole raspberries {framboises entières} and lychees {letchis} and if that doesn't say, "Thank you for your friendship and fashionably fun times," I don't know what does.  Not to mention it meets our recommended fruit intake for the day, so banish any pangs of guilt and nibble away!  Don't worry if you drop a few crumbs ~ they'll match our dresses just fine.  And if you splosh a little of this around, I don't think it will hurt.  I'm sorry today's illustration is kitty-less, but there were some ~ ahem, delays.  She'll be joining us for the party.  She just needs a few more minutes.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

PS:  September is Save the Koala Month.  You can find out more by clicking here... thank you.

Francophile Friday: Pain et Chocolat


Illustration of Pain & Chocolat, Paris, by Shell-Sherree: ink & watercolour 

Another weekend: another Paris pastry crawl.  Whoever said one can have too much of a good thing must surely have been one baguette short of a picnic.  Thanks to dear Genie for the inspiration for today's illustration.  She'll be sitting in one of those chairs very soon.  According to Genie's reconnaissance, the lovely hubby and wife team who own Pain & Chocolat do the baking and serving themselves, and lap blankets are provided in the cooler months.  {That's lap blankets, not lap dances, but perhaps if asked nicely...}  While my thoughts can turn to putting away the winter woollies, I have deferred to the seasonal lead of Paris in choosing our attire for today.  But lest we take ourselves too seriously, I'd love to team it with thisAnd this.  Could any day not be made brighter by a skateboarding pug?  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Pain et Chocolat
16, avenue la Motte Picquet
75007, Paris

PS:  September is Save the Koala Month.  You can find out more by clicking here... thank you.

Francophile Friday: Julien Boulangerie in Paris


Illustration of Julien Boulangerie, Paris, by Shell-Sherree, ink & watercolour ACQUIRE PRINTS

Strolling along past Jean-Noël Julien's award-winning boulangerie on rue Saint-Honoré is most opportune, as we can procure both lunch and afternoon tea within.  {Thanks to dear Katie for the inspiration!}  Not only will we find some Best in Show baguettes {the medallions on the windows tell us so} but once we've dealt with the sensible part of the meal, we can graze for the rest of the afternoon on macarons, chouquettes and other sweet what-nots ~ until we succumb to a sugar-dazed temptation to wear something darling like this.  Then, we'll know it's time to stop.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Jean-Noël Julien
75 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

PS:  September is Save the Koala Month.  You can find out more by clicking here... thank you.

Furry Friends Friday: Magic Cristal and Koala Dreams


Illustration of  the Magic Cristal Spiegeltent by Shell-Sherree, ink & watercolour ACQUIRE PRINTS

September is Save the Koala Month.  While animal lovers and conservationists think of every month as Save the Koala Month, this vital cause needs attention so I'm all for shining a spotlight on it.  And surely there's a spotlight inside the Magic Cristal travelling Spiegeltent, here in town to help house acts for the Brisbane Festival from 8th to 29th September {also known as 'now'}.  After watching Kitty Kong last week, I dreamt of giant koalas... but they were simply roaming innocently, lost and searching for gum leaves and safe new homes after developers tore theirs down.  {Their size might have been a dream, but their quest is a sad reality.}  Mind you, this curious fellow might have been attracted by the sounds of indie artists, comedians and jazz rather than eucalypts.

To find out more about the plight of one of Australia's most beloved native animals, the Save the Koala website has a wealth of information.  You can do all manner of things while visiting, from adopting a koala {no, it won't come to live with you!}, to having eucalpyt trees planted for food and habitat, to buying a cuddly koala toy that says, "Peek-a-Boo," {I'm so tempted!  This one does come to live with you: they send worldwide}.  In keeping with the festival and bush spirit, I've gone au casuale for our wardrobe this weekend.  And on that note...

Happy Furry Friends Friday to you!  Now, please go save a koala...
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