Francophile Friday: Café, Thé, Chocolat?


ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS
Yesterday, I gadded about performed clinical caffeine trials at successive meetings with girlfriends: 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.  After two half-strength lattes at the first cafe and one half-strength latte at the next, I made the switch to tea for the home run.  Silly me ~ if only I'd added some hot chocolate into the mix, I'd have covered all of the bases offered by this charming cafe in Paris.  In honour of the fine raspberry and white chocolate scones consumed with cream at the 11:00 am session {and emboldened by a residual caffeine buzz}, I've taken the liberty of giving the cafe a paint job that leans closer to pink than the fire engine-red original over at Virginia's Paris Through My Lens{Thank you for the beautiful inspiration, dear V!}   It seems a very cosy place to nestle in for the weekend {looks like rain here}.  My first order will be a hot chocolate equaliser.  How about you?  Please, pull up a chair.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Francophile Friday: Ooh La-Ladurée


ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS
Ladurée.  Lauded by macaron lovers and lamented over by those out of crumbs's reach.  And about to open in New York City at 1:00pm on 26th August {according to Laduree's own website as I type} ~  within reach of our chère amie Alexa.  Hooray! Her visits might possibly require comfortable running shoes and a water bottle rather than a brief hip-sway in Louboutins.  But genuine Ladurée macarons will  be on hand in her beloved city, nonetheless.  As the NYC store is still having its wig powdered, corset laced and beauty spot positioned, I guess we'll need to rendezvous today at this one on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris.  It's a sacrifice, but someone has to do it.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Venerdi in Venice: Gelati Palette


ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS

Pale turquoise doors with pistachio and raspberry accompaniments.  Several colours of the gelati rainbow within a half-dozen paces.  The gradual accrual of verdigris and moss thanks to the poetic drip of a languid drainpipe.  An overhead cherub with modesty drape so we can retain our G-rating.  Kitty cats admiring eternal bronze doorknockers cast in their likeness.  {As one would.}  Just another colourful day in Venice.  Grazie mille, thanks to dear Danielle of VenetiaMicio for the gorgeous inspiration...  This door ajar has saved us the trouble of lifting a finger to gently tap-tap-tap the knocker.  Could it be a signal our Hugh has returned from his sabbatical?  Well, what are we waiting for?!  And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!

Francophile Friday: Roses Alight in Paris


ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS
Soft lamp-lighting is very much at home Chez Shell.  Not only could it make an excellent training ground for guide dog puppies, but it's warm and forgiving, and makes everything look better.  I've learned never to underestimate the magical powers of illumination.  No surprise that this infatuation extends outdoors to the pink streetlights of Venice.  Imagine my delight to see these lanterns with rose-coloured glasses in Paris, thanks to Virginia of Paris Through My Lens.  {Merci et bises for the gorgeous inspiration yet again, dear V!!} 

On a complementary note as we head into the weekend, I'm happy to announce the release of a sweet set of Paris-inspired flat notecards/postcards to the store, in packs of three or nine with elegant cream envelopes ~ for those who still love the handwritten note as I do.

Rose petal macarons and pink champagne all around!  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!
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