Fashion and Fluffballs : Peace, Love and a Frenchie Flower Child


Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Fluffy Skirts and Frenchie Petal Pup © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Fluffy Skirts and Frenchie Petal Pup © Shell-Sherree}

Stairs are a beautiful place to paws.

We can fluff out our skirts, kick off our shoes, and enjoy vantage points within easy reach for pats and rubby-dubs. 

So come, be a flower child and pull up a stair. We will talk of peace, and all that is beautiful and kind and loving in the world.  Elderflower champagne cocktails are on tap, along with a chocolate fountain.  Joss sticks are optional.  And on that note ...

Peace and love to you.


Fashionable Friday : Agent Violet and the Tousled Tryst


Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Tousled and Tempting © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Tousled and Tempting © Shell-Sherree}

Agent Violet had her answer with regards to both Harlequin Hat Box and Sir Percy's response to her wardrobe choice for his soirée.  And now, a hasty exit from his private wing was in order.

A visit from One Who Knows More was imminent. She needed to prepare and there was no time to waste.  While she and Sir Percy conferred, her canine eavesdropped on glittering not-so-small talk from the camouflage of impeccably framed artworks.  She hoped he had gleaned something useful and they needed to debrief.

As Violet turned the key in the lock of her apartment, she heard a humming sound and paused.  Her feline's fur stood on end and her canine was alert.  Confirmation enough.  It was not the after-effects of Sir Percy's particularly fine Dom Perignon thrumming in her ears.  It was something ominous, she was sure.

Would Violet have time to fix her hair?  Was Sir Percy's calling card sufficient leverage with the One Who Knows More? Could her canine's Italian greyhound guise be useful if the meeting grew bleak?  Let us hold our breath and ready the smelling-salts while we consider.    And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable{-y late} Friday to you !
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