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When I was little, I used to daydream and draw away the hours. Nothing much has changed!!
A self-taught artist, my work is lighthearted, whimsical and cheery.
When you acquire one of my artworks, whether an original piece of wall art, 
an illustration fine art print or one of my rare and lovely illustrated silk scarves, 
I hope it makes you very happy!
In the early days, Paris was a big focus of my art.  Nowadays, while there's still much
French infusion in my themes, I love free-ranging 
all over the place in subject matter from animals and flowers to fashion and architecture.
My original artworks come in a variety of mediums on beautiful papers:
inks, watercolours, metallic inks and acrylics, 
charcoal and pastels and mixed media.

To acquire original wall art (new works added regularly), fine art prints, illustrated silk scarves
and other bespoke and one-off products to surprise and delight, 
please visit my studio store.  Fine art prints are shipped from Australia except for US orders, which ship from the US.  All other items are sent carbon neutral from my studio in Australia.

Please reach out to by email at shell[at]shellsherree.com to enquire about
custom illustrations including pet and people illustrations and commercial work.
You can also order pet and people custom illustrations directly at my studio store.  
Merci, grazie, thank you!

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