Friday, July 10, 2009

Hmm, I'm Torn ...

... Torn between posting a pretty bunch of flowers and calling it Friday Fleurish, or running with Venerdi in Venice. Venerdi is Italian for Friday. {Where there's a will, there's a way.}

Venice won.


  1. Venice is kind of a winning spot, I understand. I'm experiencing a terrible attack of wanderlust these days, and it looks like there will be no trip this year. So I'll dream of our gondola ride, with Hugh at the helm!

  2. A nice choice although now I am curious what Friday Fleurish would look like. I think I will call Fridays that from now on. Now, any gentlemen readers out there care to send a bouquet or two ... ;)

  3. Petrea: head down south and I will introduce you to all the little coastal communities here. Okay - it's not exaclty Venice or Paris, but this area has a charm of it's own!

  4. Yes, it's hard not to give it to Venice. Lovely. And I adore the Italian handwriting in the background.

  5. Cali! A photo! Now I can see what you...

    Will you wear a carnation in your hair?

  6. Petrea ~ thanks again for adding Hugh into the mix - I dream of our gondola ride often!

    Cali ~ consider next Friday 'booked'! And that's a wanderful idea to help Petrea work off some wanderlust. Wish I could come too!

    Margaret ~ finally, my Italian pocket travel dictionary came in handy again. ;)

  7. Shell: I love your new profile! Looks like my hair before I straighten it. It would be great to show you and Petrea the sights in my neck of the woods. Had a nice long walk on the beach today. Beautiful weather!

    Petrea: LOL! I think I will wear a violet rose - just so you will know it's me. When I met Phx in Paris she asked me to turn around as this used to be my FB photo! Believe me, this IS my best side!

  8. Good choice Shell! Very enticing sketching too!

  9. As far as I am concerned, even if I never refuse flowers, Venice will always be my favorite !!
    And a balcony in Venice is even better, thank you !!

  10. Well, TGIV!
    Seems to be a consensus here: Venice it is! And I would SO love to meet all of you there! (After enjoying ourselves in Venice, we would of course move on to Paris and join up with Eric & Co.)
    Shell -- love this drawing with the words in Italian behind it—especially like that the first two words are "dolce vita!"

  11. Cali ~ I thought our lion was too cute to retire straight away, so he's my profile for a brief while at least!

    MmeB ~ I had a feeling Venice would get the thumbs up. ;)

    Marylène ~ And even better: flowers while in Venice!

    Alexa ~ that's a lovely itinerary! BTW, there's a beautiful cafe in Brisbane called La Dolce Vita, owned by an Italian family - frescoed walls, marble counters, Italian cakes and fantastic coffee. It feels a teensy bit like being in Italy when there.

  12. You have such beautiful drawings.. I love your blog. Its rare to find one without photos and still looks very good..

  13. Hi, Turquoise Diaries ~ I'm glad you enjoyed popping in - thank you!


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