Fashionable Friday: Audrey's Puppy Love


{ink & watercolour illustration by Shell-Sherree}

I'm back.  It's grand to see you.   The holidays agreed with you ~ you're looking rested and raring to go.  As for me, I discovered when yin and yang collide, you can guarantee an epiphany is around the corner.  {Mine was black raspberry-flavoured.  And I'd have another in a heartbeat if I could.}

Anyway, after plenty of late-night navel gazing, I've decided to change up a few things in my life ~ streamline, simplify, gather my energies and become more Yoda-fied.  "Do or do not ~ there is not try."  As part of that, I made the momentous decision {but a long time in the making} to pull down the shutters on my print store shortly and focus on things that are closer to my heart and more productive {both illustration-wise and otherwise}.  I wanted to give you a weensy window of opportunity to order {please click HERE} in case you'd been considering something ~ but please pop over sooner rather than later! 

Meanwhile, here on the blog, we'll be walking on the serendipitous side more often.  Perish the thought you ever have to stifle a yawn.  Today's illustration is inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy with a couple of non-miniature poodle pooches back in the day.  She's the essence of grace and natural beauty inside and out ~ and 20th January marked the 20th anniversary of her passing.  The world was left a better place thanks to her.  {And thanks to dear Rose for steering me to this particular source of inspiration.}  And on that note...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you!
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