Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beware of Greeks Wearing Shifts

ink & watercolour illustration, 8" x 5.5" [20 x 14cm]

Blue skies have "feel good" vibes stitched invisibly into their linings.  I love sunny days, but our current wet weather has quickly greened my garden into an oasis {minus the camels ~ more's the pity}, so I'm happy for this rain.  But it really brings down the aesthetic I was going for with my washing.  There's no way I can pull off this look at the moment.  Not even if I had the whitewashed villa with cobalt shutters to go with it.

After I showed Alexa Awash in Venice a couple of months ago, PopCultureNerd kindly emailed me some beautiful photos from her holiday in Mykonos, Greece.  It seems that all washing scrubs up nicely when strung up in front of a villa {somewhat like dressing men in tuxes}.  Thank you for the lovely photo inspiration, PopCultureNerd ~ not only are you a source of wit and wisdom on all things pop culture, but you take a beautiful photo {in all ways}!

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  1. I'd hang these out too, if my togs looked so pretty.

  2. My clothes never looked that adorable hanging out to dry, I must say!

  3. Must shop for new duds. Old stuff's not good enough to hang out to dry.

  4. It seems that all washing scrubs up nicely when strung up in front of a villa.

    Yes, another nice one, ShSh!

  5. Oh, Shell, I'm chuffed! What an honor it is for me to have you transform one of my snaps into an illustration. It's rather cold here in D.C. so this image brings back memories of warm and glorious days in Mykonos and beautiful Greek underwear. I never realized that all I needed to make my clothes more attractive was to hang them in front of a villa. I'm gonna hunt down George Clooney's place in Lake Como and see if he'll let me string up my unmentionables there.

    Thanks so much for this great surprise and your kind words. Happy New Year!

  6. Hiker ~ if you'd acquired that poodle skirt for Phoebe, it would solve the matter... {but vitamins really are more important, I agree.}

    Amy ~ It's a Smalls World After All.

    Petrea ~ my washing line is much more relaxed now that I'm working from home.

    Thank you, Cafe! Not that you need to contemplate such things, with your wash'n'wear coat.

    PCN ~ I'm glad to bring you some warming thoughts ~ of Greece, as well as GC's unmentionables {it's really his unmentionables we aren't mentioning, isn't it?} Happy New Year to you, PCN!

  7. Now I know you're a girl after my own heart and you've reminded me to do the laundry (again) today. MB has strung some line between a gum tree and the deck so there's plenty of room for my shifts (sarongs?)!!

  8. MmeB ~ your line sounds very Australian!! I have to add essential oil to my load to give it that fresh eucalyptus smell. :)

  9. Shell, I do believe that this is my new favorite (after the one with Carla nailing my head with her heel, of course. :D )

  10. oh and after the one of Eric's butt...I nearly forgot! So it's my third favorite. ;)

  11. Hi Shell, hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you much happiness in 2010! Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work in the new year!

  12. Suzy ~ I nearly fell over just then ~ considering there's no Eiffel Tower in sight, I'm especially chuffed. I knew you had a soft spot for my take on Eric's perspective. ;) Love your profile piccie, btw.

    C@FVF ~ I did have a lovely Christmas, thank you ~ here's to a beautiful 2010 all around!

  13. Where is Eric's butt??????

    Another lovely Shsh for us today and clever as always. How do you dream up this stuff ? Amazing.
    Bonne Année mon amie.

  14. Owning a villa means never having to hang your own laundry . . . or words to that effect.

  15. Say, Shell, pardon me for being so dense, but is your new profile pic an announcement of some sort? Hmm?

  16. Shell, there's always an Eiffel Tower in sight. You just have to reeeeally want to see it. ;)


  17. Virginia ~ ah, Eric's butt must have been P.V. {Pre Virginia}. Here it is ~ enjoy. :) Bonne Année, dear V!

    Cali ~ LOL! I think I'd be happy to hang out the washing in exchange for a villa.

    Petrea ~ an announcement so cryptic that even I don't know about it? Hmm, I don't have a new profile pic ~ not that I know of, at least. {Maybe I had a bigger New Year than I remember...let me take off this lampshade and see.}

    Suzy ~ hee hee!! Oh, maybe Petrea's talking about YOUR profile pic, which seems to be changing daily at the moment... Happy New Year, dear Suzy!

  18. Well, I'm embarrassed to say I've been paying so little attention. Aargh!

    imahspop! (WV seems apropriate.)

  19. Oh, but I wish I could take it back.

    I had to say that, because the next WV that came up is: "uncoment."

  20. Petrea ~ hee hee!!! Maybe the Universe is just trying to tell me via you that it's time to update my profile pic...


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