Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Fleurish: A Spot of Tea, Petal?

A spot of rose tea seems a gentle way to ease into the New Year.  I have to admit, I love it more for the pretty visual it creates than the flavour ~ pouring just-boiled water over several pink rosebuds in a delicate porcelain cup and watching the petals drift and eddy is very relaxing.  I don't recommend drinking this one, as it's all rose petals, no tea, but it's a sweet addition to the table.  May your cup this year runneth over with beauty, love and la dolce vita...

Happy Friday Fleurish to you!


  1. Happiest New Year 2010 to a loyal reader from a loyal reader!

  2. As said in France :
    Bonne et heureuse année 2010
    Meilleurs vœux de bonheur, santé et réussite dans tes projets.
    I now understand why it is called herbal tea in English, LOL !

  3. Happy New Year, Finie! Wishing you sweet dreams come true.

    Cafe ~ right back at you, dear pup, and may you be blessed with good food and drink in abundant supply.

    Marylène ~ Bonne année à vous ~ wishing you love and good times!

  4. How absolutely delightful for a new year's day, Shell. My roses are bloomin' their little heads off at the moment. I do love them.
    Here's to a wonderful year for all of us; la dolce vita indeed!

  5. My dear Shell, how lucky I am to have found you this year. Your blog is an absolute delight and I smile each time I visit. What a talent you have and you so graciously share it with all of us. Have a very happy new year mon amie!

  6. Virg took ALL the good lines.

    Shell, you charm the boots, tennies, stilettos, and tube socks off us all.

    Happy New Year!

  7. A soothing way to start the year is just the ticket.

    Happy New Year, Shell. Here's hoping we meet in Paris this year. :-)

  8. Virginia and Hiker took all the good lines.
    I like you and I'm glad we're friends. Happy New Year!

  9. I am so happy to have discovered you and your art this year. I know more than one piece of your work will adorn my walls this year. Thank you for all the heartwarming posts Shell! Happy New Year!

  10. Oh me too please! I love Twinings rose tea more than almost anything and the blighters don't sell it here in Ireland as we have absconded from the empire. But maybe in summer I can make my own. Meantime please thing of me when the scent wafts by.

  11. And a bonne bonne bonne new year to you!

  12. What a delightful custom to bring in the new year! Since I have no rose petals, at least I can look at your lovely image. I too am thrilled to have discovered you in 2009 (thanks Cali!), and I look forward to a new year filled with more of your delightful drawings, and convivial company at your blog. Cheers to you and yours!

  13. MmeB ~ I'll bet your roses are beauties {and that's a very safe bet}!

    Virginia ~ thank you so very much, for your fun and your generosity to me with your gorgeous photo inspiration. I'm so happy that Paris is only a few sleeps away for you now...

    Hiker ~ so that's the real reason you've been running barefoot. ;) Thank you, dear fleet-footed one.

    Cali ~ it will happen. And the first thing we'll do is find some violet macarons. ;)

    Petrea ~ I love your lines, too! I'm glad we're friends. Here's to another fine year.

    Thanks, Amy ~ I'm happy to warm your heart, and I'm proud that my illo of Virginia's Macarons is the start of your new kitchen collection. :)

    Mise ~ goodness, that's a harsh penalty. This store ships to Ireland {and has some nice black teas with rose petals, too} but the rate may inspire you to wait for the bounty from your own rose bushes. Bonne New Year to you too, Mise!

    Katie ~ thank you, and thanks Cali! Likewise, I'm so glad we've "met" ~ I always have a chuckle at your place, and I'm very grateful for your generosity to me with your photos, which we'll see plenty more of this year {likewise for V}. Happy New Year!

  14. How perfectly Shell-like and charming, my friend! Please let me wish you (and all who visit here) the dolce-est vita in 2010!

  15. Shell & Katie: you are both sweeties! Thanks for restoring my faith in the internet.

    Now, where can a girl find a good violet macaron? :D

  16. Thank you, Alexa and Cali ~ here's to la dolce vita and macarons of all kinds {though the violet ones are especially pretty to the eye}.

  17. Happy new year to you, too, Shells :-) Lovely cup of tea - my mum always drinks cafe blanc - which is actually rose water with boiling water in a tiny turkish coffee cup.
    Love your illustration, as always.

  18. A lovely sentiment along with lovely artwork Shell! Happy New Year to you too.

  19. Gypsy ~ Thank you for the story about your mum and her cafe blanc. I'm going to find some rose water and try it this way in an espresso cup {closest I have!} ~ sounds fragrant and lovely!

    Thank you, Lily ~ may your New Year be merry and bright. :)

  20. That is a lovely picture. It's a good thing you don't recommend drinking it since I'm allergic to rose water!

  21. PCN ~ oh no! But better to be allergic to rose water than rose blooms {if one really had to choose...}

  22. Yes, I agree. If I were allergic to rose blooms, I'd have some kind of surgery to fix the condition because how would I live?


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