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Most of my regulars know dear Eric Tenin and his world famous blog, Paris Daily Photo. PDP blends smoothly with my morning latte to form a dangerously potent addiction, but I'm quietly confident it's a healthy one. It's certainly a happy one.

The PDP picnic has become an annual tradition and this year's was held overnight at an Irish pub in Paris. Long story. {What else would you expect in an Irish pub.} A night of great merriment was had by all, if the photos are any indication. You can see for yourself here and here.

One of Eric's regulars, Phx, arranged some surprises for the man of the hour... hours ... many hours. So I did this little illustration for Eric, to show what Paris Daily Photo means to me. Phx has kindly insisted that I put it up here. How can I resist that beaming smile! So here's Eric, readying himself to take a photo from his trademark Tenin perspective, his crowd of adoring followers impatiently awaiting his next post. Bisous!


  1. Oh Shell, you are so creative and talented. This is an inspired interpretation. Eric would have loved it!

  2. What talent and an imagination you have. Look at those haunches! I mean the dogs . . . ;-)

  3. Love it! I especially like how you can see the little marks on the bottom of the soles. What wonderful detail.

  4. Well done!!! I'm speechless and you know it takes a lot to do that to me, lol! :0)

    Seriously, this is the COOLEST interpretation, and Eric on the ground. (Yeah, and I noticed the Tomato, too ;)

    Well done!
    Well Done!!
    Well Done!!!


  5. are quite an amazing artiste! I think Eric will be proud of the rear louvres you've endowed him with aussi. ;-) Bravo!

  6. Shell, this is WONDERFUL!

    So meaningful, touching and so cute! Whatta talent you have.

    May I suggest... maybe you could donate it to Eric and he could put it on Zazzle. I would definetely buy it - although it is priceless - and your wonderful art would be available to us all!

  7. Shell, I just had to come by to have another look and I just noticed that Eric has acquired a dog!

  8. Aww, thank you all ~ I'm extremely chuffed that you like it!

    MmeBenaut ~ Yes, I hope he doesn't mind about the puppy. I guessed he might be too busy for a real one, so I've given him the ultimate no-maintenance pet.

    from cali and coltrane ~ I see you're on the same wavelength again ;). It was my privilege to be the giver of well-defined haunches - or rear louvres.

    Margaret ~ so you were taken with the stitching on Eric's shoes? Not his rear louvres? You are a saint!

    Tomate ~ LOL! I shall take that as the ultimate compliment from you. I found it particularly challenging to create a realistic representation of you, but I think it turned out ok.

    Monica ~ Wow, that's food for thought ~ you've given me a good excuse to have a chat with Eric over some virtual Caipirinhas. His agent can talk with my agent ... who knows where it may lead!

  9. {Seriously though, Monica ~ I'll chat with Eric and see what he'd like to do ... it could take a little time but I promise I'll let you know if something can be arranged.}

  10. Shell, I'm really amazed by your drawings, and of course, I particularly love this one!
    ... I'm also extremely proud to have one in real! Thank you soooo much!

    And thank you also for the link to my blog ;-)

  11. Thib ~ oh, how lovely! Thank you for coming over to say Hello. Did you get Eric's autograph on yours as a keepsake? ;)

    Your photos are wonderful - it's my honour to be able to link to you! And thank you for capturing one of Eric with his portrait. I love it!

  12. I LOVE this! this is so sweet!
    & your comment about the prop plane over at Alexa's was VEry funny.

  13. I think this is so cute. I noticed the "E.Tower" and Eric's dog. After reading all the comments, I went back and took another look at Eric's shoes....;)

  14. Lily Hydrangea ~ Thank you :) {And re: the plane ... I'm glad I can look back on it and laugh.}

    Gramma Ann ~ Thanks, and I'm happy that you liked Eric's 'shoes', wink wink.

    Better late than never !
    I was so frustrated I couldn't open your blog from the comment box so couldn't see THE drawing everyone was talking about !
    Lucky me, when reading again all the comments about the picnic, I saw your little note. And here I am.
    I LOVE IT.
    And so impressed, you've captured the atmosphere of PDP just like I think it is ! In addition, you're letting us discover an aspect of Eric most of us had never seen !!!

  16. Marylène ~ Bienvenue! I'm so sorry ~ I found today that I'd accidentally turned off my profile when I was testing something {sacré bleu!}, so that's probably why it didn't work from the comment box. Thank you so much ~ and Hee Hee!


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