Venerdi in Venice: Awash with Alexa

I have a load of washing on.  I wonder if I can arrange it to look like this by the time I'm finished with it!  Me-thinks I would need a knight in shining wash-and-wear armour to help me hang it.  Or something tall, dark and handsome on a cherry picker.

This illustration is based on a delightful Venice photo taken by Alexa.  Regulars know Alexa well ~ she loves Venice and Paris, possibly in equal measures, and kindly offered her photos as inspiration to me {and she takes beauties!!}.  When I saw this over at her place, it had Venerdi in Venice drawn all over it, so to speak ~ so here it is.  Alexa happened upon this scene in the sestiere of Castello in Venice.  {She's much better at knowing her way around Venice than me, as you can see!} Grazie many times over, dear Alexa!

Speaking of kindness, Hippopotame just featured my illustrations and Etsy store on her blog.  Hippopotame is a jewellery designer, and for the Paris lovers {I know you're here}, you might like to check out her Eiffel Tower earrings and other French-inspired pieces. Thanks for the mention, Hippopotame. 

And now ~ Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. Wow! To say I'm honored is a bit of an understatement. I liked the photo when I took it, but there's something you manage to do with an image that just makes me want to lose myself in it for hours.
    Thanks for turning my snapshot into real art!
    (Hey, my WF is "nuance," of which your work has lots.)

  2. I wish I could take pictures like Alexa and paint like you !!!
    On behalf of all those who can only admire your skills, thanks for sharing !!!

  3. Not sure it is correct and understandable English.....

  4. Another winner, Shell. I like being able to see the photo that inspired the drawing. It really highlights your talent.

  5. Marylene, perfect English. And I'm in your camp. But what good is a show without an audience?

  6. You're artistry seems to make anything look magical, ShSh!

  7. Washing could no look any prettier...xv

  8. I love this watercolor. The colors are so patchwork quilitish.

  9. Alexa ~ your shapshot IS real art. :) But thank you!! I'm sending Hugh J in to locate you and refresh you with a gelati.

    Marylène ~ as Hiker says, your English is spot on! And also as Hiker says {oh, she is so wise!!}, it's in the eye of the beholder. I love you all dropping in for a chat! That's my reward.

    Cali ~ yes, it's fun to show the 'source'. ;)

    Hiker ~ see above. :)

    Aww, thanks Cafe!

    Vicki ~ somehow I imagine yours strung up between plane trees.

    Margaret ~ oh, that's a lovely observation! It could be the closest I'll ever come to quilting.

  10. Not sure which is better, Hugh or gelato. Wait. Who am I kidding? I know where to find some primo gelato, but Hugh wins hands down! Besides, I'll only gain weight with gelato, whereas with Hugh . . . (Oh, sorry—did I say that out loud?)

  11. Alexa ~ oh dang, yes, gelato for singular, and Hugh for everything else. {Did you say what out loud? All sounds good to me...}

  12. I think this is my new favourite of your work (yes, it has edged the Campari out). It depicts exactly the life my clothes would like to lead.

  13. How about gelato on Hugh? Yes, I said it out loud and mean it.

    It's interesting how other people's laundry can look like art while mine looks like a heap of junk mauled by monkeys. That said, I'm going to hang my shorts on the telephone pole right outside my window, take a picture and see how it turns out.

    Beautiful work, Alexa and Shell.

  14. Mise ~ I can see your clothes leading this life. Best not to show them, lest they hop on the next flight to Italy.

    PCN ~ you crack me up! And I think I just heard Alexa passing out. Quick, the smelling salts...

    Unseen ~ thanks! Enjoy your weekend.

  15. If I'm passing out, it's only from laughing too hard! :~D

  16. What fun comments! I love your new sketch with a twist Shell.
    It must be the weather but I did loads and loads of laundry today and it's all hanging out but alas, not in Venice.

  17. Thanks, MmeB! I wish you speedy drying in lieu of the Venice backdrop. :)

  18. Bravo to Alexa and to you of course for your wonderful interpretation. Just delightful!


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