Help Animals: Is Scarlett Catty in Dog-Gone with the Wind

Today is the 70th anniversary of David O. Selznick's sweeping epic dramatic-romance-weepie movie {based on Margaret Mitchell's novel}, Gone with the Wind.   I saw it when I was 15 years old and developed a teensy crush on Vivien Leigh.  I think it had a lot to do with Scarlett's gowns, and feeling sorry for her having to endure Clark Gable's breath, rumoured to make large dogs run a mile {let alone cats}.

Speaking of dogs and cats, I'd planned on doing an illustrative tribute to Gone with the Wind, when along came an email asking for help with something that's much closer to my heart than fancy dresses: animal welfare.  With jingle bells on, I accepted a request to participate with other bloggers to help raise $50,000 to help care for the 16,000 abandoned or neglected animals expected to land on the doorsteps {and they are just the "lucky" ones} of the RSPCA Victoria's animal shelters over the Christmas period.

So with your collective help, strong silent types {aka "lurkers"} included, I'm hoping to exceed the modest target given to me of $100 $240 by 15th January.  {Update 16 Dec: thanks so very much ~ due to the wonderful response, we're increasing my target.} Please, no matter what the amount, join me if you can by clicking on the ChipIn button over in the little widget on the top right.  Donations go directly to this appeal, providing some warm beds, comfort and the drying of tears of animals of all shapes, sizes and ages at this tough time of year.

It seemed only fitting to combine my tribute to Gone With the Wind with a tribute to our wonderful little furry rays of sunshine, goodness and light.  {Cafe Pasadena, my mixing of canine and feline is for a good cause ~ I'm sure you forgive me.} 

Thank you so very much!  And after you've donated, if you haven't already entered my giveaway, please pop over here before 9am Friday 18th December {Brisbane time}.  Bonne chance...


  1. I was gonna say there's something wrong with this picture.
    But even I will hold a smelly cat if it brings us some money. Good work!

    So, Yes ShSh, I will 4give you in xchange for my donation you also donate, to me, a dogbone macaron!

  2. Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn! I LURVE this! And Gable rather acted like a dog in his personal life. :-(

    Is that Ella as Miss Scarlett?

    You are hysterical, Shell.

  3. Damn, that K9 can type fast!

  4. A fine picture, a good cause, and I'm delighted to make a contribution.

  5. Cafe ~ you're a good puppy dog. And I shall investigate the dogbone macarons...

    Thanks, Cali! ~ yes, it's Miss Ella ~ how did you know?! And CG was a very naughty boy. {Unlike Cafe, of course.}

    Mise ~ thank you so very much ~ I take it the ink's dry on those notes you were working on?

  6. Dogbone macarons! That's hilarious. I'm sure Lauderée has those with the cute doggy packaging they have out right now!

    "Lawzy Miss Scarlett, I don't know nothing about birthin' no babies!!!"

    My WV is artying. That's what you do Shsh!!!

  7. I'm probably the only one around here who thought Leslie Howard was sexy.

    This is a great thing you're doing, Shell.

  8. Your creativity never ceases to amaze, Shell. I won't be donating here sweetheart but I do my very best at home with all the stray cats I'm feeding ...

    I loved the green dress that Scarlett made out of the curtains - since I'm the practical kind, I was so impressed that every time I see a nice set of curtains, I imagine what dress could be made out of them. A few years ago I made two winter doona covers out of my old (but still beautiful) cream woven curtains. They're a great comfort on chilly nights!

    And I've just had a giggle at the word verification "enchain" as somewhat fitting for both Gone with the Wind and furry friends:) I do admire what you are doing, Shell, to help the little critters.

  9. Virginia ~ that's one of my favourite scenes!!

    Hiker ~ that doesn't surprise me ~ he's not unlike a younger version of Virginia's French Stranger #49 {aka Bachelor No.1, not to be confused with Chanel No.5}.

    MmeB ~ you are like a mini-refuge all of your own ~ your kitties knew what they were doing when they found you. :) Speaking of curtains, my mum, too, has found some great uses for several ones she's found at thrift shops. Such a great idea!

  10. LOVE your work! Just donated to the wonderful RSPCA cause! I have a fabulous giveaway on my blog at the moment for readers who reside in Aussie only. Do pop over and enter! Wishing you and your loved ones a Joyful Christmas! Best wishes, C :)

  11. Being in India, I've no idea about these characters! :( well, this probably, is the first dog-cat couple I've seen!!

    Your art is great!!!

    Indian Myna [मैना]

  12. C@FVF ~ thanks so very much indeed, and also for letting me know about your giveaway at your lovely blog. All the best to you, too.

    Bhavesh ~ even though you don't know of Gone with the Wind, I'm glad you enjoyed these star-crossed lovers. :)

  13. You're right, that guy did resemble Leslie Howard. That's why I hang out with artists, you're so smart.

  14. What a very sweet illustration! I was in Atlanta recently and saw Scarlett's dress made out of curtains. The waist was about the size of my ankle.

  15. Thanks, Margaret. :)

    Hiker ~ funny, that's why I hang out with writers...

    Thanks, ET Suzy ~ LOL!! Even for a tiny person, a little corsetry goes a long way. {"Would you like a little cracked rib to go with that dress, Miss?"}

  16. No Gone With the Wind in India, Bhavesh? I don't know why that surprises me.

    Shell, what a good cause. You'll surpass your goal, I'm sure. Why are so many animals expected over the holiday season? Is it a dingbon (my WV) question?

  17. Petrea ~ I hope so ~ either way, it all helps. That's not a dingbon question. :) Christmas here is also our big summer holiday break, so a number of factors combine. There are the animals bought on a whim as Christmas presents and dumped when the reality of care soon sets in. Then, there are those dumped ~ new and old ~ because they don't fit with holiday plans. Also, it's bushfire season, but let's hope everyone gets a break from that this year, at least!

  18. Oh Shell, it breaks my heart. How can anyone spend five minutes with a pet and not realize they're sharing time with an individual with personality and communication skills? All it takes is a little listening and you get such big love in return.

  19. Breaks my heart too, Petrea. It's one of those things in life that I just cannot fathom at all. It's incomprehensible how anyone could do such things to innocent, vulnerable bundles of pure love. Thankfully there are many others like us, doing what we can to help.


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