Venerdi in Francophile Fleurish: Merry Christmas

What to do?  It's Christmas Day here, and the best laid plans of mice and men {ie., preparing my post ahead and scheduling it to magically appear now} went AWOL when my mice decided on the night before Christmas that they'd go to sleep on the job, lest they scare Santa away.  So here I am on Christmas morning, drawing.  And for me, that's one of the most perfect ways to start any day, so I guess I'll forgive my mice, as it turned out for the best! 

Christmas Day coincides with Friday, calling for Venerdi in Venice, Francophile Friday or Friday Fleurish.  So here they are, all rolled into one.  Finally, Hugh Jackman is taking us on that long-promised gondola ride as my Christmas gift to you, but we seem to have been magnetically drawn towards that fair lady we love so much.  Heck, it's our fantasy and we can go wherever we want to!

I can't begin to express how much your friendship and our fun times together mean to me.  Thank you so very much for dropping in to visit, and bringing merriment all year around, not just at Christmas time.  My wish for all of you is continued peace, love and laughter, now and always.  And on that note ...

Happy Venerdi in Venice~Francophile Friday~Fleurish to all, and to all, a good night!  

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  1. I'm the first???? Mais oui! Ohhhh I do so love this lovely snow globe ( neige globe????) with la tour. I need a real one I think! :)

    Joyeux Noël my cher amie. Your friendship has been a blessing to me this year. Maybe we find more things to photograph and paint! C'est magnifique.

    PS Is there an Eiffel Tower Anonymous for those of us that have the addiction? Well that would be a fun group wouldn't it!!!

  2. Simply purrfect, Shell! You managed to combine all our favorite elements in one.

    Visiting your blog is always a joy. Getting to know you is the icing on the cake.

    Merry Christmas to you and your readers.

  3. Hugh Jackman, a gondola, kitty, and the Eiffel Tower? This is an amazing combination and cuter than I thought it could be. It has been a pleasure discovering you and your art this year. :)

    Joyeux Noël!

  4. There we are indeed, on out fantasy gondola ride! Merci, Shell, for all the fun and friendship. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you.

  5. What a fabulous imagination you have Shell, to match your creativity and put it all together in such a gorgeous package.
    I adore your Christmas post; you know that I love cats and I love snow balls too (is that what you call them?) - I have one each for my little granddaughters which says "Grandma loves me". They are tiny and are hanging on the Christmas tree for them to find and pluck when I see them in a few days.
    Our Christmas is going well and I hope that yours is too.
    Thank you so much for your Christmas wish - and right back at you!!
    Love from les Benauts in Adelaide xxx

  6. Virginia ~ when is the first ETA meeting? Count me in. :) I'm so glad our paths have crossed, both personally and creatively. Mais oui, I see many, many more illustrations thanks to your inspiration in our futures. Thank you, V ~ Joyeux Noël!

    Cali ~ the icing on the cake, and maybe even the filling in the macarons. :) Merry Christmas, my dear Cali.

    Thanks, Amy, for your sweet nature and for showing me the prettiest side of Disneyland! Joyeux Noël.

    Petrea ~ I recall it was your suggestion in the first place. Mighty fine! Merry Christmas to you, J and Boz.

    Thank you, MmeB! My niece has started collecting snow domes/globes {maybe they are also snow balls ~ why not!} Your gifts to your granddaughters sound gorgeous! We're back home from a fun day and settling in for a quiet night ~ just what Santa ordered. Enjoy the rest of your day ~ love and hugs to you all, two legged and four.

  7. From here in So California to you ShSh up above: Happy Venerdi in Venice~Francophile Friday~Fleurish to all, and to y'all, a good morning!

  8. Thank you, Cafe! It's nearly time for me to say Night night here ~ but I'll wish you a beeautiful day!

  9. Ah, did I miss saying Merry Christmas to you on Christmas? The best laid plans indeed.

    Hope the day was wonderful. You've given me much over the past year, most of all a gentle beauty.

  10. Oh, Shell, I can't believe you got up on Christmas morn and drew us a picture! What a wonderful gift. I think my eyeballs just exploded from too much deliciousness in one place. If you mass produce those snow globes, they'd fly off the shelves.

    Wishing you and B the best of everything, during the holidays and always.

  11. Hiker ~ it's still Christmas at your place, so it's all the same to me. I had a lovely day, thank you ~ right back at you and your honeys, KB.

    Thank you, PCN ~ and never fear, I hear fried chicken is a good remedy for exploded eyeballs. :) Merry Christmas and a bright and shiny New Year to you and P!

  12. Hello, Louis! Joyeux Noël to you and your loved ones. I hope Louis enjoyed his Christmas.

  13. Sorry I'm a couple of days late (10 people here on Christmas, then to the Internet-less country for the weekend). Really hope there's some room for me in the gondola. I'd be more than happy to sit on Hugh's lap—if he weren't standing, that is! Trust you to meld my two fave places together into one fabulous fantasy!
    Thank you!

  14. Alexa, I'm glad you made it. And you never have to ask if there's room for you. You have a standing invitation ~ or you can sit on his knee, at least! {I hope you've had a lovely bit of R&R.}

  15. C'est parfait! It looks like a European fantasy.

    Best wishes for a wonderfully creative 2010!

  16. Thanks, Suzy ~ wishing you an abundance of all things "Eiffel Tower"!


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