Francophile Friday: Call Me Ispahan

Illustration of Pierre Hermé's Ispahan macaron creation ~ by Shell-Sherree: ink & watercolour

It's the fourth blogoversary Chez Shell tomorrow.  Special occasions are often celebrated with roses ~ so given our penchant for Paris and pâtisseries, the edible version is our modus operandi for this weekend's party.  Pierre Hermé's iconic Ispahan is a glamorous construction of rose macarons {biscuit macaron à la rose}, rose petal cream {la crème aux petals de roses}, whole raspberries {framboises entières} and lychees {letchis} and if that doesn't say, "Thank you for your friendship and fashionably fun times," I don't know what does.  Not to mention it meets our recommended fruit intake for the day, so banish any pangs of guilt and nibble away!  Don't worry if you drop a few crumbs ~ they'll match our dresses just fine.  And if you splosh a little of this around, I don't think it will hurt.  I'm sorry today's illustration is kitty-less, but there were some ~ ahem, delays.  She'll be joining us for the party.  She just needs a few more minutes.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

PS:  September is Save the Koala Month.  You can find out more by clicking here... thank you.


  1. Dessert! Just another reason to love Paris. And this illo.

    Happy blogoversary! Hard to believe it's been four years. Impressive!

  2. This is the perfect celebratory treat for your blogoversary, dear Shell! How delectable it looks and sounds!

    Happy 4th Blogoversary! Thank you for another year of delightfulness! Hugs and brrrts from us to you and Ella! :)

  3. Happy blogoversary, Shell! I so enjoy seeing your wonderful illustrations! This one is so lovely and elegant (no wonder Kitty needs a little extra time to spiff up). Such delicate shades of pink and rose.
    Hugs to you and Ella :)

  4. Congrats, Shell! I'm hoping for many more such celebrations. Thanks and well done.

  5. It has been a delightful four years! Kitty made me laugh, but she will look beautiful for the party, as will we all, as we'll be in the pink.

  6. Oh, gush gush, and mush mush, because you've brought me so much joy. Love to you, in all sincerity, and with a cherry on top. One of the reasons I so appreciate your work is that your fancy has subtle gravitas. Seems impossible to do that, but you do that.

    1. I'm with this perceptive comment about the gravitas of your fancy, Shell, and looking forward to the next four years.

    2. My dear Mise ~ thanks to you and hiker, I feel tempted to design myself a Subtle Gravitas Lives Here t-shirt, but it somehow seems oxymoronic. Here's to another four years and more.

  7. Happy anniversary! In your honor, today I enrolled in a French course!
    Here's to many more years of fun, cake, beautiful paintings, cake, Paris, cake, kitties, did I mention cake?
    And of course, your choice of attire for the occasion is flawless :)

  8. Cali ~ I met a girlfriend for breakfast in the city this morning and there was a dessert bar nearby. There's something alluring about a place that just serves desserts!

    Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds! Hugs and brrts to you and you-know-who. I'm so thankful to blogging for the lovely friends I've met {furry ones, too!}

    Ms M ~ heated rollers would have been faster but she didn't want to create any greenhouse gases... hugs to you and your sweethearts.

    Thanks, le0pard13 ~ much appreciated, mon ami!

    Petrea ~ kitty looks infinitely better in rollers than I do. What's that thing about never working with children and animals?!

    Thank you, hiker. I don't think I've ever heard you gush gush and mush mush ~ I'm touched. Love to you, too.

    Debs ~ that's wonderful!! Good for you! And I figure we've spent enough time in pâtisseries lately to warrant a forgiving dress. I want to find one of these for my real wardrobe.

  9. Huge congrats to you, ma chere! Today in your honor I flew to Ecuador -- and tonight I will toast you with something yummy with a festive mini umbrella in it. Now all I need is that dress!

  10. Such a scrumptious looking cake! Perfect for celebrating your fourth blogoversary. You've been so amazingly generous to share your fabulous illustrations and fashion picks with us. It's such fun to hang out with everyone here too. Now I need to put on that dress as I have a date with Pierre!

  11. Thanks, dear Alexa ~ what a wonderful toast! The mini umbrella made it even more sublime. Have a beautiful time in Ecuador.

    Katie ~ it's always a pleasure. And hanging out with everyone is the best. Now, off you go and enjoy that date!

  12. Happy blogoversary! It's such a joy to visit Chez Shell. You make the world a little rosier for all of us. Truly, you do. The cake, the macaron, the color of that dress - all divine. (But oh poor kitty: how she must suffer for her beauty.)

    Thank you and congrats, dear Shell.

  13. You are simply amazing, chère Shell! Congratulations on your 4ème! I will toast you in Paris this week and come back with photos to share for your creative spirit!

    You are a sweet, artistic friend.


  14. Happy blogversary ! I like your talent, you are so great !
    Nice new week,


  15. Thanks, Susan! It means a lot to me. {I hope it means enough to Kitty to make up for the fur rollers.}

    Genie ~ I'll be looking forward to it! Have a beautiful time in Paris, ma chère, and thank you for your very kind and generous spirit.

    Hi, Nathanaëlle ~ thank you, and it's lovely to see you. Here's to a happy week ahead.

  16. Four Years of Shell creations and we want many more. I think this confection is just the thing to celebrate the good times we've add.
    Meeps sends her love as well.

  17. Lemme bee de 1st two wish u an early Happy 5th Bloganniversary, ShSh!

    Btw, I think Pierre & you wood make a beautiful, tasty, team. (imho)

  18. 'blogoversay' ... love it! how wonderful and congratulations, but i AM soooo jealous - you are near restaurants that sell DESSERT ONLY??? enjoy something for moi!

    Happiness is - more gorgeous posts from Shell :-)

  19. Love and hugs to you and Meeps, dear V!! And thank you for four years of generosity with your inspiration. Looking forward to more.

    Cafe ~ I wonder if Pierre feels the same way. {And thanks for the congrats in advance. How thoughtful and organised you are!}

    Hi, Hena! Much appreciated and thanks for dropping by. You're welcome any time.

    Aww, thanks, dkshopgirl! As for the dessert bars, technically some do offer meals, but the desserts are the stars! Freestyle Tout is one of the standouts. If you come to Brisbane sometime, we'll map out an itinerary and do the rounds!


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