Francophile Friday: Pain et Chocolat

Illustration of Pain & Chocolat, Paris, by Shell-Sherree: ink & watercolour 

Another weekend: another Paris pastry crawl.  Whoever said one can have too much of a good thing must surely have been one baguette short of a picnic.  Thanks to dear Genie for the inspiration for today's illustration.  She'll be sitting in one of those chairs very soon.  According to Genie's reconnaissance, the lovely hubby and wife team who own Pain & Chocolat do the baking and serving themselves, and lap blankets are provided in the cooler months.  {That's lap blankets, not lap dances, but perhaps if asked nicely...}  While my thoughts can turn to putting away the winter woollies, I have deferred to the seasonal lead of Paris in choosing our attire for today.  But lest we take ourselves too seriously, I'd love to team it with thisAnd this.  Could any day not be made brighter by a skateboarding pug?  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Pain et Chocolat
16, avenue la Motte Picquet
75007, Paris

PS:  September is Save the Koala Month.  You can find out more by clicking here... thank you.


  1. Oh, I am clapping and squeeling with delight! I am so glad to see that you included the blue door. Your lovely art is such a treat, and it is a wonderful memory of a great day in Paris with my husband. Merci, chère amie!


  2. Lovely ileo! Sounds like a delicious weekend -- especially the chocolat, and especially if accompanied by some good red wine.
    And who wouldn't adore a skateboarding pug? (except perhaps Kitty....)

  3. What an inviting little place! To be honest too much chocolat can cause pain. Not that I know this from experience!

    Hey, yesterday I saw a guy training his dog to ride a skateboard! It wasn't a pug, more of a mutt, but I must say that was a first. Only wish I'd had my camera with me.

  4. As you know, Shell, I click all your links (lovely photo, Genie!) and I must say, in the 1980's I had a pair of boots just like those. That's about right for fashion cycles, I think. I had some great clothes in the 80s and I'm glad for those styles to come back because I still have some of them in the closet.

  5. Thank you for allowing me your inspiration, sweet Genie! I'm so happy this has some sentimental meaning for you. As soon as I saw it, my 'oooooh' radar went off!

    Ms M ~ absolutely, some red to go with the chocolat ~ perhaps even a little Tokay would be okay. I'm hoping the pug is so adorable, kitty will feel benevolent towards her. ;)

    Cali ~ heh, not that I'd know from experience, either. :) What a fun coincidence that you observed such training in action. I hope the pooch was wearing knee pads.

    Petrea ~ I'll bet you rocked those boots! I don't have anything left from the 80s. My 80s wardrobe wasn't - err, 'classic' material!!

  6. I'm captivated by the frilly socks, Shell. As I'm sure are you - you must be busily going back over your full back catalogue adding frilly socks to all the heroines. The painting is absolutely charming, one of your loveliest among many lovelies (I think all the straight lines appeal to my sense of order).

  7. How I would love to join you here (all of you, actually, but most especially our chère Shell)! As for the outfit—my kingdom for the waistline I had back in the day, when I also had a pair of boots like those! Unfortunately, I wasn't chic enough to wear them with frilly socks. :~} And isn't it fortunate that dogs are most welcome in Paris cafés?

  8. ... i couldn't think of anything better than sitting here ... unfortunately our Jack Russell "Disco", would be quite a handful, so I hope they do takeaways!

    hmmm.. skateboarding pugs? must see how Disco handles himself on wheels... ;-) have a great weekend x

  9. What an adorable shop! Looks like the sort of place to visit often to better sample all the treats. I like the idea of all meeting here; I bet Shell's Parisian Pastry Crawl would sell out in seconds. Genie maybe I'll see you here!

  10. Mise ~ you know me well. The frilly socks are very appealing!

    Alexa ~ that would be a dream! And hooray that the French love their puppy dogs!

    dkshopgirl ~ I think of Eddie on Frasier whenever I hear 'Jack Russell'. Disco sounds like a very appropriate name for a bundle of energy! Happy weekend to you both.

    Thanks, Katie! Wouldn't it be a hoot to all meet up for a Paris Pastry Crawl. Someday! {I hope you get to catch up with Genie in the meantime.}

  11. Another frilly, fantastic and fattening start to the weekend. I must cut down on pastries if I'm to fit into that jacket. The skateboarding pug is adorable, however I think a skateboarding Meep........
    Your fantastic paintings are emailed to my phone every Friday now (yay - I've caught up on the 21st century) and I always look forward to them.

  12. C'est ravissant comme toujours ma chère Shelley, une envie irrésistible de m'installer là pour prendre un petit chocolat
    chaud avec toi !

  13. Debs ~ your wish... not Virginia's Meeps, but there are some similarities!

    VenetiaMicio ~ quelle bonne idée, ma chère. A hot chocolate together would be wonderful ~ oui, merci!!

  14. Now I won't be happy until I have a chocolate croissant.

  15. Oh, let me pull up a chair and you can talk about spring. Please. We're as brown and dry as can be out this way.

  16. Margaret ~ if you ever saw It's Complicated, you might be tempted to whip up a batch yourself.

    Hiker ~ sounds great! Our spring started on the heels of the driest August in whenever, so we can compare brown and dry notes. At least we're colour co-ordinated with today's illo and wardrobe.

  17. We will be looking so fashionable as we munch on chocolate croissants at this delightful cafe. I love the illo and Genie's photo that inspired it. Truly, Shell, I ache for Paris when I see your posts. You're a master at capturing the city's charms.

  18. I am not crazy. I remembered I had seen that place before.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  19. Thank you, Susan ~ that makes my heart glad!

    Irredento Urbanita ~ I'm happy to bring back some memories {assuming they are good ones!}


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