Francophile Friday: Cinema Paris-Miaou

Paris Illustration of Le Champo cinema by Shell-Sherree, ink & watercolour ACQUIRE PRINTS

Today's grey fluffy clouds hold the promise of excellent movie-watching weather, though I hope it fines up for the first of spring tomorrow!  And courtesy of a Liebster Award from the sagacious le0pard13 of It Rains... You Get Wet, I will be answering 11 mostly-movie-related questions, since le0pard is a film buff {and his blog is excellent!  Thanks, le0pard13, I'm chuffed}.  Where better to hold our interview than outside the grand old Le Champollion cinema in Paris, then we can head in for an old classic.  We just missed Catsablanca and Doggone with the Wind but Kitty Kong will have us on the edge of our seats.

Inspired by the local language, I'm taking a laissez-faire approach to the Liebster ~ an award comprised of a very enthusiastically-long list of components ~ and I'm streamlining it.  Here are my answers to le0pard13's questions, and I will pass the award and baton to the entertaining bloggers in my sidebar.  {If you would like to participate, feel free to refer back to le0pard's post to follow the award more thoroughly than I am.}  Here goes...

What was the last reference book (regardless of subject or genre) you used?
A French dictionary.
What pop song from your youth, used in movie, immediately got you to react, “Oh no, you didn’t!”?
Has anyone has ever used 'Muskrat Love' in a movie?
Steve McQueen or Paul Newman?
Paul Newman
Which foreign country, known for its cinema, have you yet to watch a movie from? 
Favorite film with Samuel L. Jackson in it? (whether he’s starring, supporting, or cameo)
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Favorite over-the-top performance from Face/Off: John Travolta as Sean Archer/Troy Castor or Nicholas Cage as Troy Castor/Sean Archer?
John Travolta {I'm not keen on cages...}
Ketchup or Salsa?
Salsa.  {We're talking about dancing, aren't we?}
What clearly dramatic scene from a movie made you inexplicably burst out laughing in reaction?
No movie I can think of, but I have to be very careful at weddings.
Wyatt Earp or Tombstone?
Harp or trombone?  Trombone.  {Where are my glasses...}
What was the latest, or earliest, movie screening you’ve ever attended?
The earliest have been some 10:00am Sunday sessions.  I learned that lots of octogenarians titter if someone swears.
Who is your favorite writer? (can be author, film or TV screenwriter, or director/writer)
I don't know how to choose between C S Lewis, J R R Tolkien and Robert Crais.  Perhaps Robert Crais, because I've never had to guess his first name.

The lights are dimming and I smell popcorn, so let's hustle inside.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Filmish Friday to you!

Le Champo
51 rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris | Métro : Odéon - Saint-Michel | Tél : 01 43 54 51 60


  1. I haven't seen The Long Kiss Goodnight in years! I should dig that one out. Great blog!

  2. I just love your answers!
    Tittering into my popcorn.

  3. Beautiful! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Very delightful post! I love the Cinema Paris-Miaou and can't wait to see Kitty Kong. Your answers are fun. Next we'll have to read the review of Kitty Kong by you and Ella :-)

  5. Some of those questions are really hard, so I'm going to duck into the theater and watch the Kitty Kong blockbuster, instead. And then walk down the street to the charming hotel. Thanks for getting me a room; guess kitty had to pull a few strings.

  6. I love the detail in this illo, Shell. Kitty Kong rules the day. I have a feeling Muskrat Love was used in a movie, but I can't recall which one. I hope you're enjoying your first few days of spring. The idea of spring right now turns my world all topsy-turvy.

  7. Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous ~ when I was wracking my brain, I'm glad I thought of this one. I haven't seen it in ages, either! Thanks for dropping by...

    Debs ~ popcorn's good for that. ;)

    Thanks, Kellie. You, too!

    Ms M ~ I'm thinking I might need to build an Ella-sized Eiffel Tower for her to play with after we've seen it.

    Susan ~ if you think of that movie, I'd love to know! The weather has indeed been utterly and completely blue-skied and somewhat chilly... but I know the warm days will be here more consistently very soon, hooray.

  8. hiker ~ {naughty moderation held your comment hostage, sorry!} Securing the room for you was easy ~ they are big fans of yours.

  9. Kitty Kong, love it! :) Looks like my kind of movie. I'll have to pop back when Catsablanca and Doggone with the Wind are on too.

    Hugs to you and Ella from us.

  10. Thanks for the memories of a cinema I think I've been to a zillion times. And also for a really good chuckle! Oh -- Happy Spring! (I'm a bit late, but I tried to comment a couple of days ago and it wouldn't let me -- the nerve, right?

  11. This is too much fun. I just used the French dictionary, too! But I believe the only other answer we have in common is Paul Newman. And Salsa.

  12. Kitty Kong rules! You are just so clever, ma chère! I did not know about this theatre and will have to take a peek on my next trip.

    Oh, and I adore the little 2CV, too!


  13. I can't tell you how much I love this illo, Shell! Brings back wonderful memories. I saw To Be Or Not To Be there on my last visit. Watching old movies in Paris is an experience not to be missed. Happy spring!

  14. Favourite Vintage Finds ~ and I hear The Great Catsby is coming soon. We'll join you! Hugs to you both.

    I'm very glad to bring back fond memories, Alexa! And I'm sorry you had problems leaving a comment - I'm thinking I'll turn the pesky word verification back off again soon in case it's giving some grief!

    Petrea ~ I had a feeling Paul Newman would be more your type.

    Thanks, Genie! I hope there's a deux chevaux parked outside when you visit. Bisous...

    Cali ~ watching old movies in Paris sounds like something out of a movie. ;) Happy spring, that's for sure. My favourite season!

  15. Not for nuthin' (as we say here in Brooklyn), I'm pretty sure I saw The Lion in Winter at this theater back in '68. How appropriate!

  16. Hahaha! I love it! And you just missed me turning WV off by a few minutes, Alexa ~ hopefully commenting will be easier for everyone again.

  17. I love movies. I love watching them at the theatre or at home.

  18. Margaret ~ either way, they make a very nice temporary escape.

  19. Very funny, Shell! You've hit upon the importance of not having to guess someone's first name, so often overlooked by agents. Your own name is so melodious that to take away the 'hell' would be a crime. The picture is lovely, the parked car perfect.

  20. I just love love love this illustration! It combines two of my favorite things: Paris and movies. (Sneak some macarons into the theatre and that covers just about everything for me!) Fun quiz too. I did some sleuthing and see that Muskrat Love was used in the 2007 Ben Stiller movie (bomb?) The Heartbreak Kid. In Paris the early morning movies are usually always discounted; my favorite time to go.

  21. Thanks, Mise! The car could be a cousin of the one in your collection...

    Katie ~ perhaps smuggled macarons taste even better. And thank you for doing the research I was too lazy to do! I've never seen The Heartbreak Kid ~ if I brave it, I'll be waiting for Muskrat Love.


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