Francophile Friday: Julien Boulangerie in Paris

Illustration of Julien Boulangerie, Paris, by Shell-Sherree, ink & watercolour ACQUIRE PRINTS

Strolling along past Jean-Noël Julien's award-winning boulangerie on rue Saint-Honoré is most opportune, as we can procure both lunch and afternoon tea within.  {Thanks to dear Katie for the inspiration!}  Not only will we find some Best in Show baguettes {the medallions on the windows tell us so} but once we've dealt with the sensible part of the meal, we can graze for the rest of the afternoon on macarons, chouquettes and other sweet what-nots ~ until we succumb to a sugar-dazed temptation to wear something darling like this.  Then, we'll know it's time to stop.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

Jean-Noël Julien
75 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

PS:  September is Save the Koala Month.  You can find out more by clicking here... thank you.


  1. Oh the wonderful, wonderful hat (or headpiece?) that reminds me so much of the dear old bathing-caps of my youth, all glorious rubber flowers. Would that I had one of those now so that I could hold my head up with pride at our boulangerie meet. I shall scour the Internet this very second to see whether they still exist. To hell with work!

  2. You made this sound like Happy Food Friday!

  3. ok, I'm there. Send me directions and a time to meet up

  4. Have to say: the best baguette in Paris is no small distinction, is it? So I'm there too—and I'll see your wonderful hat a raise you the fabulous turn-of-the-century chapeau that I found in my great-grandmother's attic!

  5. How delish, Shell! Very good of you to highlight the plight of the koalas! Hugs and brrrts!

  6. One should always wear a hat when entering an award-winning boulangerie. It will also be a good way for us to recognize each other. Since I don't wear hats (though I might be tempted by Alexa's great-grandmother's hat)I'll just wear a flower in my hair. Something small, understated. Don't want to scare the masses.
    You know, just this once I think I'd take a good baguette over a macaron! Who am I kidding? I'd eat the baguette and a few macarons for good (or bad) measure!

  7. Oh, how lovely. I'd love a baugette and jam and lots of tea...

  8. This beautiful illustration is definitely the next best thing to visiting Julien, which is my favorite overall boulangerie/patisserie in Paris. They have delicious bread (which they turn into yummy sandwiches of many varieties), caramel and speculoos éclairs (to die for!), and my all-time breakfast treat, the Breton specialty called Kouing aman (which is a circular pastry made with I believe an entire stick of butter). I see kitty approves too!

  9. Mise ~ excellent! Your sacrifice will not go unrewarded...

    Cafe ~ Happy Food Friday sounds good to me!

    Pasadena Adjacent ~ we shall meet at a hair past a freckle. Follow the breadcrumb trail.

    Alexa ~ I'd love to see your great-grandmother's hat! It sounds magnificent.

    Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds, and right back at you.

    Cali ~ the next person to visit Julien's must see if there is a hat code upon entry, given the decorated nature of the establishment!

    Indie.Tea ~ simple, yet elegant. I like it!

    Thanks, Katie! I'm glad this brings you happy memories. A couple of people {including you!} have told me about speculoos. An élair version sounds mighty fine!

  10. May we ALL gather of a baguette in Paris together!!!!

  11. I like Virginia's suggestion.

    A wonderful baguette sandwich, finished with a couple of macarons and tea sounds divine. (And a special treat for kitty, of course).

    That hat is glam! Reminds me a bit of Carmen Miranda's fruit-piled hats. I also remember those swimming caps with the rubber flowers that Mise mentioned. Thank you for a lovely weekend,Shell!

  12. Shell, I always click all of your links. Always. Your blog may be the only one I can honestly say that about. But such rewards!

  13. That would be some gathering, dear V!

    Ms M ~ there could easily be some Carmen Miranda inspiration in that hat!

    Thanks, Petrea. Sometimes I worry I include too many links, so I'm relieved to hear that. {And more than a little chuffed!}

  14. Went to a vintage fair today and think that that hat would have been just the ticket there too. Now for a baguette..............

  15. Ohhhhh! I love their pastries, but I have only been to the store on Rue Notre Dame des Champs - miam-miam!

    Love as always your lovely interpretation and art.


  16. If you'd worn such a hat at a vintage fair, Debs, you'd have had plenty of offers to buy it!!

    Genie ~ perhaps you'll get a chance to visit this one next time. Bisous, my sweet.

  17. I just had dinner, but now I'm hungry again.

  18. I love how I get whisked off to Paris on Francophile Fridays/Mondays. I hadn't known what a chouquette was (does that make me a faux Francophile?) but now that I've read all about this pretty little pastry, I'm prepared to wear the floral hat before, during and after indulging.

  19. Sorry, Margaret. Shall I email you a snack?

    Susan ~ there's a marvellous French bakery here in Brisbane named Chouquette. I'm overdue for a visit!

  20. Boulangeries like that are nice to talk. Eating there is a pleasure that creates a good dialogue.



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  21. Irredento Urbanita ~ very nicely said! Have a lovely afternoon...

  22. I had two of your illos left to be framed, and finally found the right frames. Spent all last night toiling with those damned frames, but they look wonderful.

  23. Hiker, that's great news. I'm so happy for you ~ I know you've been waiting a while to find 'the very thing'. {Perhaps a quick photo when you get a chance... I'd love to see them!}


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