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Francophile Friday: Nougat With an 'Oooh'

Paris Illustration by Shell-Sherree, ink & watercolour ACQUIRE PRINTS

Oh good, it's like riding a horse ~ I haven't forgotten how to blog after all.  Quite miraculous, given I don't know how to ride a horse. But enough of that: it's lovely to see you!  I bought you a van filled with nougat and pralines to make amends for my absence.  Or perhaps I brought you a van filled with nougat and pralines.  You may choose, depending on whether you'd like to become a nougat cart proprietor somewhere in Paris or just graze your way through the contents at your leisure.  Thanks to dear Katie for the inspiration!  Shall we indulge the current coloured jeans trend in a subtle fashion while we wait?  If you're like me and need some elevation to reach the counter, these will do the trick.  If we start to teeter or totter, we can lean on each other for support. And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!

PS:  For those looking for larger prints, I've added A3 size {image  fits 11 x 14"} to my Etsy store.  Just add the A3 listing in your cart and tell me which illustration you'd like.  Easy! Please pop on over to find out more.


  1. My heart soars at the prospect of my next Shell Sherree purchase being an A3. Indeed, it has soared almost to the height of those shoes. I feel a tad dizzy. Three pralines, please, assorted.

  2. I think grazing a bit would be the ticket. But not too much or I won't be able to fit into my new colored jeans. :-)

    Lovely ilo; it reminds me of a pleasant summer day.

  3. The good news about shoes is that I can eat an awful lot of pralines and they will still fit.

  4. Yay—here's Shell again. You've presented me with a real dilemma, ma chère—if I want to wear those cute jeans, I'll have to forgo the oh-so-tempting sweets. But manning the cart does sound like an excellent choice for a career (and venue) change. Hmmmm.

  5. Mise ~ I'm imagining your collection ranging from Meep Miniatures to A3 ~ there's something a tad Alice in Wonderland about that. {I like it!}

    Ah, Ms M ~ please rest assured: calories don't exist here. Graze long and prosper.

    The Goddess of wisdom speaks often through you, Margaret.

    Yay, Alexa ~ it's nice to be back! I wonder how much stock these vendors eat before the novelty wears off.

  6. Hello Shelley pour moi ce sera le nougat sans les hauts talons !
    Encore une belle illustration en aquarelle, je viens d'en voir une autre via le blog de Virginia toute aussi ravissante.
    Si mon nouveau blog où je ne parle pas de Venise t'inspire, sers toi !

  7. Aaah.. Shell.. you beaut! Lovely to hear /see and yes.. almost taste your blogs again.. now I must head to our local for some nougat! enjoy a good weekend.. thanks for popping into mine again.. rgds j

  8. Ooh you're back with another delightful illustration! Such fun to see that kitty has a great place to hang out (knowing full well that we'll all happily join her there for yummy sweets). When I was about 14 I worked for a day at a candy shop helping out a friend, and after sampling just about everything felt quite sick, so I'm guessing that the proprietor here rarely samples the goodies. Love the jeans, but oh those shoes make me dizzy just looking at them!

  9. so lovely to be here as usual ... now those shoes ... i think they would be just perfect on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 carousel!!! that's the sweetest way to ride a horse while munching on pralines thank you xxx

  10. Yellow! It was my favorite color when I was a little girl. I graduated to purple for a while, and now I hover around green. I may return to yellow, or I would, if I thought I could get away with those jeans.

  11. Danielle ~ les ballets pour toi, peut-être. Thank you and I think I know which watercolourist you're talking of ~ magnificent work! Ton nouveau blog est merveilleux. Bisous.

    Thanks, The Cape Town. I'm guessing you have a good source nearby ~ enjoy!

    Katie ~ that's probably why the wise chocolate and lolly manufacturers tell their staff to eat as much as they like. It wouldn't take long before one has had enough overload to last a long time!

    What a fine idea, dkshopgirl...

    Petrea ~ I think you'd wear those jeans well, and you could switch the navy for a nice grey sweater if you felt so inclined.

  12. I have never seen these carts in Paris but a praline is a very fine, fine thing so I"ll screech to a halt if I ever happen upon one!

  13. I would love to be a proprietor of a nougats cart in Paris! Will you visit? That stool beneath kitty is the perfect spot for you to rest your poor feet (those shoes!) and keep me company.

  14. Seriously, Paris cart proprietor would be interesting work. Overdosing on goodies is an added bonus. I long for the day when I would rather eat a salad instead of something sweet. ;-)

    I've never seen this cart. Any idea where Katie spotted it?

    Welcome back!

  15. It must be hard not to indulge in every sweet treat one sees in Paris, dear V!

    Always happy to treat you, hiker.

    Susan ~ that's a rhetorical question, isn't it? I'm there!

    Cali ~ but are those who'd rather eat salad truly happy? ;) {I suspect they are healthy, though...} I'll be back with the location asap. And thank you, it's good to be back!

  16. In 2009 when I took this photo the cart was on Boulevard du Temple in the 11th just south of Place de la République. I'll walk this way in October to see if it's still around!

  17. Thanks, Katie! I hope it's still there when you visit in October. Hopefully the post-GFC ups and downs have been kind to nougat sales. It's such a cute cart.

  18. Adorable van, Shell! I have soft spots for nougat, pralines and crepes, so grazing for me! :)

    ♥ xo

  19. It's a winning combination, Favourite Vintage Finds. Hugs to you and you-know-who. x0

  20. I might take the shoes and put them on a shelf to admire, but they would never touch the ground. Pralines, I'd eat

  21. I have no words - I've been overcome by the adorableness.

  22. Pasadena Adjacent ~ their website says 100% polyurethane but adds the caution Do Not Wash. Here I was thinking they'd be indestructible...

    Thanks, Debs! The colour reminds me of those banana lollies so I've been trying to resist them ever since.


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