Francophile Friday: Café, Thé, Chocolat?

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS
Yesterday, I gadded about performed clinical caffeine trials at successive meetings with girlfriends: 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.  After two half-strength lattes at the first cafe and one half-strength latte at the next, I made the switch to tea for the home run.  Silly me ~ if only I'd added some hot chocolate into the mix, I'd have covered all of the bases offered by this charming cafe in Paris.  In honour of the fine raspberry and white chocolate scones consumed with cream at the 11:00 am session {and emboldened by a residual caffeine buzz}, I've taken the liberty of giving the cafe a paint job that leans closer to pink than the fire engine-red original over at Virginia's Paris Through My Lens{Thank you for the beautiful inspiration, dear V!}   It seems a very cosy place to nestle in for the weekend {looks like rain here}.  My first order will be a hot chocolate equaliser.  How about you?  Please, pull up a chair.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Looks wonderful in the closer to pink than the fire engine-red colour! Such a charming and cosy place! I could not say no to a hot chocolate! A lovely weekend to you Shell! :)

  2. Your changes to reality are always enhancements, Shell. I'd like to see what you could achieve on a double extra strong latté and an exquisite three-tier plate of those scones, though I don't really see how you could beat this current offering.

  3. Make mine un cafe creme Shell with un petit macaron pistache svp.
    Those raseberry and white chocolate scones sound just delectable! Miam!!

  4. Oh it is so lovely...

    Oh I love French Vanilla,
    and its always been coffee and hot choco for me, I seldom go for tea.

  5. This place is beyond charming in bright red and raspberry too—your reno definitely suits it. Hurricane Irene is headed straight for NYC; should hit this weekend. If I have to hunker down, this is the place I'd choose to be—as long as you're there and they don't run out of croissants. :~}

  6. I will have the same as Dianne, mon amie... Alexa, run away if you need to. Hurricanes can be quite nasty!


  7. Actually, I'll be ordering something with lots of ice. We're in the triple digits today.

  8. Hanging out here with good friends would be a delight. Fueled on caffeine we might be tempted to paint the place this shade of pink!

  9. It's not fair that all the pretty places you depict are so far away from me. But at least I have your (and Virginia's) lovely renditions to look at.

    Have a gorgeous weekend, Shell!

  10. What a lovely cafe! I'll join you, but I think I'll have an iced Mocha since it's over 100 degrees here.

  11. Favourite Vintage Finds ~ don't know how the weather is up your way, but it's drizzling here. Definitely hot chocolate weather {maybe even a marshmallow or two!!}

    Cafe ~ that's what I like to hear.

    Mise ~ if I attempted a double extra strong latté, staying inside the lines would be an improbability. The triple tier, on the other hand, I could manage.

    Coming right up, Dianne!

    Thanks, Ann ~ the French Vanilla sounds very nice...

    Alexa ~ they've assured me they have an endless supply of croissants on hand for such emergencies. Stay safe!!

    Bisous, Genie!

    Hiker ~ one silver ice bucket {with petals frozen into the blocks} coming right up.

    Cali ~ I love the way you think! :) We could start a flash painting mob...

    Thanks, Pop Culture Nerd ~ I'm glad to help in some way. Happy weekend to you, too!

    Ms M ~ you and Hiker can share the ice bucket...

  12. What a lovely shop! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  13. i'd be curling up in bed with a book after all those 'caffeine trials' ;-) sounds like it was lovely and gorgeous illustration.

  14. Oh sweet Shell, I love the reno you gave my cute little café! Actually what I loved more than the rouge, was the adorable jeune fille on the sign! Merci, again and again!

  15. I would happily spend all day here partaking in clinical caffeine trials (alternating between coffee and hot chocolate and gobbling up any pain au chocolate that crossed my path). Such a lovely scene and your use of calming colors and delightful details are wonderful. You and V make a great team!

  16. We're making iced coffee right now.

    Alexa, I've got you and all my east coast friends on the brain. Update us when you can, please, this one sounds like the storm of the century. Unless -- could it be? -- the media exaggerates?

  17. Thanks, Kellie ~ you too!

    dkshopgirl ~ it was a lovely day, indeed.

    I'm always glad to amuse my muse, V! Thank you for your generosity. Hugs to you and Meepsie...

    Katie ~ I think our research would find that pastries are important stabilisers.

    Petrea ~ you said it.

  18. My three favorite beverages. I'll take one of each, please. Hopefully I'm not too late, and if I am, I'll just sit and ponder the rain and sip slowly until your return. Such a lovely pink Parisian cafe.

    (I will hold this image in my mind as I venture out into the cloudless sky and the sizzling heat.)

  19. Susan ~ the party feels like it's only just started. But sip slowly, regardless.

  20. Hi Andressa C. Thank you ~ and lovely to meet you.


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