Venerdi in Venice: A Streetlight Named Desire

ink & watercolour illustration, inspiration thanks to Pierre Pareja, Venice Daily Photo

Just as everything inside looks better in candlelight, I suspect everything outside looks better in lamplight.  Our streetlight across the road is functional, serviceable, but cannot hold a candle to a lamp like this one.  This three-in-one model even has its very own rose-coloured glasses.  All the better to see me with!

Grazie mille to the charming and kind Pierre at Venice Daily Photo for his quite breathtaking photo inspiration.  And on that note ...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. Rose coloured streetlights, such a simple thing and it could turn a country's morale around. I might even watch football if the stadium floodlights were rose-hued. Your painting is lovely!

  2. I love the perspective in this one. Very pretty.

  3. It's Shellday.

    This is lovely. (Did you add a flourish or two?)

  4. Love the tinted glass of the streetlights! Wonderful piece!

  5. Gorgeous, Shell! Your painting is a brilliant interpretation of this scene. The rose-hued streetlights are just one of the many, many things I love about Venice, and I'm with Mise—why can't we have them everywhere?

  6. Your illustrations are always so fabulous, can we always see life through these rose hued street-lights?

  7. Ditto de above; but don't you ever do a bad one?

  8. I love your Tenin Effect rendition and how sweet of you to give your friend such a terrific birthday toast. I visited Venice as a child and have very fond memories of it. The rose colored lamps are an unexpected but completely in keeping with the ambiance. Beautiful work, SS.

  9. Seriously beautiful streetlights. I now desire la vie en rose.

    A hostess with the mostest suggested changing all bulbs to pink colored when entertaining. I'd prefer violet bulbs. Maybe I'll look for some this weekend.

    Nice to be in Venice again with you and inspiring Pierre.

  10. Oh I just love this drawing! Maybe I could get a mini version of this lovely streetlight for over the bathroom mirror. Thanks for the quick trip to Venice!

  11. Mise ~ quite clearly the football league is in desperate need of some feminine touches ~ I shall take the liberty of sending your resume.

    Thanks, Margaret ~ perspective is always a handy thing to have.

    Hiker ~ I see your extensive hiking has given you eagle eyes...

    Ms M ~ I wish I'd seen sunglasses in this colour when I was buying new ones the other day!

    Alexa ~ they always make me think of gelato.

    GyPsY ~ somehow, I have a feeling you do. :)

    Cafe ~ yes, but I bury them.

    Paula ~ I'm guessing Piazza San Marco seemed enormous to you as a child.

    Cali ~ if I ever see purple bulbs, you'll be the first to know!

    Katie ~ I can well imagine you preparing your Carmen Miranda outfit with the aid of such a bathroom light.

  12. Do you think that anyone would actually make purple bulbs?
    Lovely sketch as always Shell. Happy Weekend to you and thanks for the heads up on Brisbane airport :)

  13. MmeB: Ages ago I saw violet hued bulbs. Not sure why I didn't buy them.

  14. Thanks to you Shellsherree. I'm honoured. That's beautiful !

  15. Wonderful, as always!

    We have red Christmas bulbs in the chandelier over our dining table. Really!

  16. Thanks, MmeB ~ and if anyone makes purple bulbs, Cali will find them.

    Cali ~ a-ha, I knew it! ;)

    Pierre ~ thank YOU. :) It was a pleasure...

    Shanna ~ that sounds like good feng shui!

  17. Well every Friday can't be Francophile Friday. Sniff! But, I love this Venice illo and hope to find a handsome prince that will swoop me up and carry me off to Venice one day. It's V's Fantasy World again! Sigh

  18. Rose colored glass? Wow. I don't even have street lamps along my road. I'm sure those lights illuminate the neighborhood in a very lovely fashion. Pretty illustration. :)

  19. Petrea ~ there's yellow glass in the coach lamps on my verandah ~ maybe I'll replace it with pink cellophane!

    Virginia ~ I knew you'd find the silver lining. :)

    Amy ~ no street lamps? Perhaps you could start a petition and convince them that these are standard models to consider.


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