Venerdi in Venice: Gelati Palette

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS

Pale turquoise doors with pistachio and raspberry accompaniments.  Several colours of the gelati rainbow within a half-dozen paces.  The gradual accrual of verdigris and moss thanks to the poetic drip of a languid drainpipe.  An overhead cherub with modesty drape so we can retain our G-rating.  Kitty cats admiring eternal bronze doorknockers cast in their likeness.  {As one would.}  Just another colourful day in Venice.  Grazie mille, thanks to dear Danielle of VenetiaMicio for the gorgeous inspiration...  This door ajar has saved us the trouble of lifting a finger to gently tap-tap-tap the knocker.  Could it be a signal our Hugh has returned from his sabbatical?  Well, what are we waiting for?!  And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. Fabulous! You sure know how to use the gelati rainbow to maximum effect. The cherub is cute but the kitty doorknocker is cuter. And let me apologize to dear sweet Hugh for having completely forgotten to buy tickets to see his show in San Francisco. I'm still kicking myself.

  2. It's true, Shell, for all our talk about Hugh we have remained someone G-rated. That's got to change.

    I will start by licking all the different gelati in your illo.

  3. I'm sure he was very forlorn when he realised you weren't there, Katie.

    Petrea ~ I'm glad I'd just put down my cup of tea or my monitor would have copped a most inelegant spray of organic Chai.

  4. Grazie Shelley it's beautiful drawing and I love it. It's pity because on my pictures of Venice, I never found my Micio but you always !
    Baci XX

  5. Oui, Danielle, c'est ton Micio mignon! Baci et bises...

  6. I wish the television news would abandon their pesky attention-seeking and just show your paintings gently looping round, perhaps to the tune of 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'. I am a big fan of the ice cream shades, and this one is lovely.

  7. Danielle's site is divine with its music and gorgeous views of Venice (which would have to be my second favorite city after Paris). The soft colors and elegant architecture in your art are a beautiful interpretation, mon amie. I am looking for Hugh.


  8. So fab!

    And the kitten adds some charm to this lovely artwork ♥

    Loving the pale colors.

  9. Nice!

    (I heard he was asking for you, Katie.)

  10. Oh I have a new friend that loves Italy just the way I love France. She will love this one. And I note that my sweet Meepsie has scampered off to Venice without me!

  11. fantastic blog!

    Klaudia B.

  12. Kitty looks pleased with herself. And why not? Venice, gelati colors and Hugh? Your illustrated cat leads an envious life!

    (Draping the cherub to retain a G(string)-rating? You crack me up!)

  13. Love your "gelati palette". And this illo. (my cat now wants a bronze kitty doorknocker!)
    I hope some champagne has been put on ice for Hugh's return! Katie gets first dibs....

  14. Gorgeous door! Is this drawn from a real door? Enjoy the glorious weekend, Kellie xx

  15. Thanks, Mise ~ a little avoidance can be a happy thing.

    Genie ~ it is beautiful over at Danielle's place, isn't it.

    Ann ~ kitty cat = instant charm. :)

    Hiker ~ nice one!

    V ~ Meepsie without you? Heavens, you'd better jump onto a plane, pronto!

    Hi, Klaudia ~ thanks so much for dropping by. I'm glad you like it.

    Cali ~ heh! As for pastel gelati colours, I'm wondering seriously if I could cover my sofa in them.

    Ms M ~ perfectly chilled in the best silver ice buckets...

    It is, Kellie. {With only a hint of poetic license.} Wishing you a happy weekend, too.

  16. i went and looked at the website you got the inspiration from you really did such an amazing job - love your watercolors x

  17. Hi blacksandbrights ~ thanks for dropping in and saying Hello, and thank you, I'm happy you love it!

    Puppy dog ~ still haven't woo-wooed you into accepting the occasional Venerdi in Venice, I see. :) Come back next week...

  18. I'm so late—hope our Hugh waited for me. I just knew he couldn't stay away too long. You've taken my favorite colors and created (another) Venetian escape from workaday reality. Mille grazie, cara (and I for one love the occasional venerdi in Venice—keep 'em coming, per piacere)!

  19. Love all the details and the colours Shell! Especially the kitty cat door knockers! xo

  20. Alexa ~ he's been waiting especially for you. He's been tapping his foot but I think he's just practising for his show. {As for the other: prego, bella! A little Venetian diversion once in a while is surely good for the soul.}

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ reminds me of a few felines I know. :)

  21. Thanks, Laurie! Always happy to hear it.

  22. How did I not know that Hugh Jackman had a show in San Francisco?! I live in a bubble. He is a dish, and he really seems like a nice guy. I bet he also has impeccable taste and would love your illo as much as I do.

  23. Gelati. Macaroons. Shell, eat something already!

  24. Susan ~ oh, wouldn't I love the chance to show it to him!

    I've taken your advice, Margaret.


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