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Francophile Friday: Who's in Le Paradou

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm]

Like many weekends, this one holds the promise of catching up on some reading.  For such a purpose, let's borrow this former sheep barn in Le Paradou, a small Provençal village tucked between Arles and Saint-Rémy in Provence. 

This illustration is loosely inspired by my copy of Pierre Deux's French Country: A Style and Source Book, by the two Pierres of Pierre Deux fame {sale on now, by the way!} and Linda Dannenberg.  This country house now comes with a library, chandelier, resident redhead and puppy dog {the cats are sunning themselves out the back}, as all good country homes should do.   And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. How delightful. And YOU have a bon weekend dear Shell. I think I'll have a macaron on my way out!

  2. You know, Shell, whenever my five-year old daughter spots your images on my screen, she leaps to attention. Should you be illustrating charming books for little girls?

  3. And there's a puppy just for me!

    And I think Mise is on to something.

  4. I think Shell should be illustrating charming books for girls and boys of all ages.

  5. I think mise and altadenahiker are BOTH on to something! As depicted by you, Shell, Le Paradou is definitely my idea of "paradis." Have a lovely weekend, ma chere!

  6. Yes, a series of books would be lovely! No pressure. ;-)

    The only thing missing in this charming illo is a charming Frenchman. Or a charming man of any nationality.

  7. Shell you've created an illustration of complete and pure delight! Just fabulous. Oh to be headed off to my weekend house in Le Paradou. I too agree that you need to put together a book of your illustrations!

  8. What a restful, beautiful way to start the weekend after a busy week! Lovely....
    I also agree that your work would make wonderful illustrations in books.

  9. Ah, yes, book illustrations. One of my dreams. And books for young ones? Hmm. So when people say I'm behaving childishly, I can take that as a positive thing... I like it! Thank you, all!!

    Virginia ~ I think I was hankering for a macaron when I chose the colour for the door and shutters.

    Mise ~ thank you so much for telling me that. I love the idea.

    Margaret ~ I think the puppy heard you ~ look, his tail is wagging!

    Hiker ~ I have the illustrated hard cover of A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. Paul Hogarth's illos are gorgeous!

    Thanks, dear Alexa ~ a beautiful weekend to you, too!

    LOL, Cali!! Let me eat some procrastinational fudge and think about it... meanwhile, you might want to look in the armoire and choose a charming man off the rack.

    Katie ~ I'll wire ahead and let the caretaker know you're on your way. ;)

    Ms M ~ it's my pleasure to give you a restful transition into the weekend ~ enjoy!

  10. Shell, I think when you're inspired by something to create your own work from it, you've given that something the ultimate compliment! And I love the idea of you illustrating books. I hope you'll pursue it.

    My WV is "dicatic," which should have been my WV for the previous posts because it has two cats in it.

  11. Petrea ~ that's a lovely way of expressing it, thank you!

    "Dicatic" ~ heh heh!

  12. I would love to see a children's book illustrated by you!

    How did you know that catching up on some reading is what I'm looking forward to most this weekend? I wish I had a home in a countryside villa in Provence, but alas. My little house in California will have to do. :)

    I love the little puppy, he looks quite content to be looking outside at the world.

  13. Your lovely view of Le Paradou is so relaxing and promising of a nice, warm and full of "douceur de vivre" weekend !!
    Thank you !
    I like the idea of a book too for children or about Paris or Venice... You have a way to show the "essence" of those famous places in a different and inspiring way !!

  14. A ready to wear man? One size fits all? Surely you jest! ;-)

  15. Where does the line form to buy Shell's book of illustrations? I'll bring a bucket of chicken and wait until it goes on sale.

    My WV is "repar," which made me look nervously about to see if something's broken.

  16. A: This K9, I wish.

    How much I wish I could catch up with some of my reading!

  17. Amy ~ you are such a busy poppet, you never cease to amaze me. A little putting up of the tootsies sounds timely!!

    Thank you, Marylène ~ and it's so lovely to see you again!! I trust all's grand in your own piece of French countryside...

    Cali ~ I think there's a jester in the armoire as well ~ you may need to dig around and listen for the jingling noise. :)

    PCN ~ you'll all be on the VIP list!

    Cafe ~ always seems to be wishful thinking for me, too, {thanks, PCN, for reviewing excellent books to add to my list!}, but this afternoon I am definitely settling in for a quiet one.

  18. Macarons tomorrow on PTML, but not from Paris! :)

  19. Oooh, thanks for the heads-up, Virginia!!

  20. I hope ShSh does a painting of PTML's macs shot.


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