Friday, May 21, 2010

Francophile Friday: Keep the Carousel Warm

ink & watercolour illustration, 4.5" x 6.25" [12 x 16cm]

Tuesday's talk of a relaxed train trip inspired me to have a little blog breather ~ yes, that one I promised a while ago and conveniently forgot about.  I'll be posting on Fridays only for a bit ~ a change is as good as a holiday, some wise drunk ~ err, soul once said.  Paris seems the ideal spot to keep you in suspended animation for the coming week.  And how better than a beautiful carousel ~ it takes you nowhere in a leisurely fashion and there's a lot to look at along the way.  You'll also find a generous supply of fairy floss {cotton candy} and macarons upstairs to sustain you.   And on that sweet note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. No gloves or pearls required for this mode of transport!

    Such a sweet miniature pony. And life is sometimes like a carousel (not caramel as in a box of chocolates): taking one "nowhere in a leisurely fashion." But you are right. If one is lucky "there's a lot to look at along the way."

    Taking a breather is a good idea. I can't imagine the hours invested in each one of your posts. It sure is appreciated though. Now excuse me while I grab some barbe à papa and a couple of VMs to go! Happy Francophile Friday to you too, dear Shell.

  2. Go take a break,ShSh. Rest & relax and enjoy life for a while: walk the dog, feed the dog, pet your dog, etc. Sea you next Friday.

  3. Lovely! I can almost hear the music....
    Have a relaxing break :)

  4. Oh, I'm glad you're finally taking your break, Shell, though we'll miss you.

    If it's okay, I'll just keep riding that merry-go-round and eat macarons until you come back.

    Happy weekend a have a fun mini-break!

  5. Enjoy your vacances, Shell! You've given us something sweet to look at while you're gone.

  6. I'm more than happy to take turns on riding this magical carousel and the fantabulous train that goes "Meep!" until you get back. Happy weekend! :)

  7. Thanks so much, everyone!

    Cali ~ I didn't know the French for fairy floss. Even though I love the name fairy floss, I think barbe à papa is even lovelier!

    Cafe ~ perhaps I'd better bring home a dog as a starting point. ;)

    Ms M ~ one thing's for sure, it is not Smoke on the Water.

    PCN ~ there's a bucket of fried chicken as well, just to stabilise your blood sugar levels.

    Petrea ~ not as sweet as all of you!

    C@FVF ~ they are right up your alley, aren't they! Happy weekend to you, too.

  8. Nice view to keep us waiting till you're back !
    Nice, pleasant and well deserved break !!

  9. Oh lovely! We'll spin about with blithe dignity till you get back. Take it easy! It's nice to stop the Internet once in a while, isn't it? Press a button and pouf, it's gone, and there you still are with your lovely tactile paper and paints.

  10. Yes, we can always flip through the portfolio for a Shell fix. Enjoy.

  11. Oh I'll keep my bum right here on this pony and I think I see my sweet Davis in that airplane right behind me! :) Joyeux vacances dear Shell.

  12. Will be thinking of you resting and relaxing (I hope), keeping a saddle warm for you on one of your pretty painted ponies, saving you a purple macaron, and looking forward all the more to next Friday, my dear!

  13. Marylène ~ thank you ~ enjoy!!

    Mise ~ that's what I'm hoping for. :)

    Hiker ~ yes, and the archives have become rather plump, too.

    Thanks, Virginia ~ have fun with Davis and Eva!!

    Alexa ~ I'm counting on that!

  14. Beautiful art work !!LOved the post !!

  15. Have fun resting sweetheart; I'll just be turning, turning on my pretty pony, waiting for your return.

  16. A cafe on top of a carousel, now that idea is just gold! You have picked a beautiful place to leave us waiting, I would gladly ride this carousel around and around.

    Enjoy your break m'dear!

  17. Happy weekend to you, Unseen Rajasthan!

    Thanks, dear MmeB ~ thanks, dear MmeB ~ thanks, dear MmeB ~

    Amy ~ if they can't squeeze in a cafe, perhaps an espresso machine at the very least!

  18. Hi Shell,
    I LOVE your illustrations! So glad you stopped by, I'll definitely be checking in on you for inspiration!

  19. This reminds me of a photo I took this weekend. What a wonderfully nostalgic illustation. :)

  20. Hi, the paris apartment! Thank you ~ it's lovely to meet you, and I'm enjoying visiting you, too!

    Debs ~ somewhere in Sydney? Lovely! Was there fairy floss?

  21. Shell I'm just back from my mini-break, and it's definitely a good thing to step away from the computer. It's fun catching up though, and I especially like this peaceful pony! Have a happy relaxing week and I'll be looking forward to Fridays now even more for my dose of your drawings!

  22. Katie ~ lovely to have you back, and yes, good to check in on the outside world a bit more often. :)

  23. Think of the childhood! very nice...

  24. Thanks, Sarah ~ glad to bring back young memories.


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