Meep: Far From Pedestrian

ink & watercolour weensy, 3" x 2.25" [8 x 6cm]

If one was searching for a new car {and by "new", I refer to something different from what one already has}, one might be tempted to turn a blind eye to the rheumatic rumblings of something that looks like this, for the sake of ~ something that looks like this.   Being a miniature, it can be stowed away easily at the end of the trip, perhaps even in one's portMeep.


  1. I like your definition of new. :)

    Meep indeed! Look it at the tiny dresses and the little dog back in the corner and the eyelash headlights.

    Shell... I think you've killed me with a charming cute one-two punch.

    I love this little weensy painting!

  2. Is the cat optional? Love the eyelashes on this very femmy car. There was a car "display" a few weeks ago in SF and the cars were sporting "mustaches." I kid you not.

  3. Smaller vehicles seem better than bigger.

  4. I got my license and I always wish to drive my dad's van..but they didn't confident to let me drive!

    cute car, sherree!! I wish to have Mini Cooper Austin!

  5. Petrea ~ the bench seat was polished especially.

    Thanks, Amy-inventor-of-Meep ~ the more I look at it, the more I think it's a sheep dog. :)

    Cali ~ the cat is definitely one of the luxury upgrades. Those 'staches are hilarious!

    Cafe ~ are you driving at something? ;)

    Finie ~ I hereby give you permission to take this set of wheels for a spin!

  6. Shell, if I paint my car these lovely colours, can you GUARANTEE that people won't point and laugh?

  7. Meep indeed. This is the perfect vehicle for me: It's small, vintage, French, and comes with a driver. "Fluffy, take me to the Eiffel Tower, tout de suite!"

  8. This is so fantastic and nice !!Great Shell Shree !!

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  10. Although I'm no miniature, I love this little car! It looks like the car's attention is less on the road and more on that pretty dress in the window.

  11. I love miniature paintings and this one is wonderful! I especially like the chauffeur....

  12. Mise ~ yes. No. Maybe... wear your dark glasses.

    Alexa ~ Fluffy just told me it would be a pleasure.

    Thanks, Unseen Rajasthan! All the best with your newest blog.

    Hiker ~ bat, bat

    Katie ~ I think you're right! She had to brake hard for the pedestrian she nearly didn't see in her distraction.

    Thanks, MsM ~ Fluffy is happy to take you wherever you please. :)

  13. Thanks, Vicki! Have a beautiful weekend...


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