Francophile Friday: Scootering is an Eiffel Matter

 ink & watercolour illustration

Technically, I doubt it's legal to drive one's scooter along this path to the Eiffel Tower, and the gendarmes may not appreciate the lack of helmets either ~ ah well, in for a penny, in for 1.56265 euros.

On the off chance that some of us would be partial to a scooter ride around one of our favourite places in the world, to clear our heads for the weekend ahead ~ the line starts here.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Who cares if it's legal? It looks like fun! I wish I could step right into this illo and stay in Paris forever.

  2. Yipeeee! Count me in for a pink scooter ride around the Eiffel Tower. Wait isn't that me right behind you? Are we headed to a little cafe for canapes and kir royale? If you're flying I'm buying!

  3. How many people can ride at a time? I don't mind sitting on the handlebars. Wheeeee!!

    LOVE. This. Drawing. I want a pink no-name two-wheeled thingie!

    Happy Friday and the whole weekend, too!

  4. I'd give those gendarmes a run for their money any day. Maybe I could talk one of them into taking a ride on my pink scooter. I envy these women. They look really happy... probably has something to do with the fact that they're in one of your illustrations. :)

  5. Can't you just hear the music? What is that, an accordion? The weather's perfect, and all the people wave as we go by. Even the gendarmes are charmed.

  6. Looks like such fun Shell! Count me in too! Hooray!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. A gaggle of gams being chased by gendarmes around the base of the Eiffel Tower? That can't be legal, but again loads of fun!

    Yes, Petrea, I can hear the music. Sounds like this:

    I really thought today we would be in Venice. I got punked. In the nicest way possible. Happy

  8. Or maybe this is more appropriate:


  9. Cali ~ you can stay in there as long as you wish ~ no parking tickets are issued here, either. And sorry, no punk was intended. ;) Just trying to create some semblance of being a woman of mystery. Snort.

    Katie ~ sure, you can be the brunette with plaits! Kir royale and canapes? Done.

    Cafe ~ who would you like to be driving?

    PCN ~ heh heh!! I had a feeling you'd like this pink no-name two-wheeled thingie.

    Thanks, Amy ~ I'm sure you could twirl those gendarmes around your little finger.

    Petrea ~ an accordion, mais oui ~ and even the pigeons make sure they don't rain on our parade...

    C@FavouriteVintageFinds ~ I knew you'd appreciate this pink no-name two-wheeled thingie, too. ;)

    Cali ~ LOL, the gaggle of gams is a perfect inclusion ~ and thank you for the wonderful links!

  10. Me please. Is there room for me on the scooter? I'm having a thin day and am clutching a baguette but will make sure it isn't in the way of fellow passengers. I love the drawing - the dear old Eiffel T. looms with perfect proportions.

  11. How many women can we put on that scooter behind you? Because I'm in, too. I'll get the white wine and the brie.

  12. Well, you know I'm in! I wouldn't miss one of your fantastical expeditions for anything—if there's no more room on the magic scooter, I'll just "borrow" that velo back there and pedal furiously alongside.

  13. That has to be me driving. The pink Vespa is mine -- I have the picture on my wall to prove it.

    (Maybe we need a sidecar.)

  14. Shell! I LOVE IT!

    This is proof, right here in pastels and white, that you are trying to KILL ME!!!!

    I'm going to go curl up in the fetal position behind my chair now.

  15. Mise ~ it wouldn't be the same without you ~ feel free to put on some extra kilos.

    GyPsY ~ see above ~ and your brie will go down nicely with Mise's baguette. We just need to save room for Katie's canapes...

    Alexa ~ judging by the menu, it might not hurt for us to take turns on the velo.

    Hiker ~ wonderful! I was hoping a designated driver would put up her/his hand. I'll make a paper sidecar and hang it over the top, like a paper doll outfit.

    LOL, ET Suzy!! Come out from under that chair ~ we need you on the scooter with us.

  16. Oh, this is the perfect escape for the weekend! If there are enough of us, we could create a "scooter gang" and all get Eiffel Tower tattoos :)

  17. Ms M, you made me laugh! Now I need to find us some removable Eiffel Tower tattoos!

  18. Eric ~ hooray, oh what fun! You can help keep us out of mischief. :)

  19. I want to ride on the back of Eric's scooter s'il vous plait! :) I got here just in time! J'adore Francophile Friday everyday of the week!
    Bon weekend my dearie Shell,

    PS I'm not sure Eric's the one to ask to keep us out of trouble! HA

  20. Virginia: lol! Isn't Eric the pied piper of mischief making? :-)

    Shell: we need more scooters! Don't think a stretch will do.

  21. Virginia, Cali ~ you make good points. ;) More scooters have been arranged. Mischievous ones.

  22. What a fun picture!!!! I gotta have it!!!! Too cute :-)

  23. It's a very Kelle illo, isn't it. :)


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