Friday Fleurish: Blooming Tiny

ink & watercolour weensy, 3" x 2.25" [8 x 6cm]

While I'm in a meep* mood of myopathy, I thought I'd continue with our miniatures theme for today.  This still life is on a much smaller scale than Tuesday's scenes, thus somehow creating a miniature on a larger scale {and the opportunity to use the word thus}.  Don't ask me how ~ something to do with Einstein's Theory of Relativity.  Or was it membership of the Mickey Mouse Club...

Regardless, here's to a blooming nice weekend!  And on that note ~

Happy Friday Fleurish to you!

*Meep (mēp) Etymology: 2010  An endearing word coined by AmyR; a gently surprised exclamation meaning, "How delightful!", especially used when happening by chance upon something tiny and enchanting.  Not surprisingly, Amy spends much of her time at Disneyland.


  1. I'm so glad Friday is here, even if it isn't here yet. Weekend = Welcome!!

    I need more ShSh days!

  2. Meep!

    I'll be saying it everywhere, delicately.

  3. Ha! I see we both did well in science. Thank you for the Friday photo. Meep, meep.

  4. Didn't the road runner also say meep meep? :-)
    Love the illustration.

  5. That's a kitty all right.

  6. My daughter is trying to make a Sculpy Buddha for an extra credit project, and she was saying how hard it is to make things very small (we have, alas, limited quantities of Sculpy). I immediately thought of your tiny pictures and felt all the more admiration.

  7. I like how the flower creates a bower. This one would make very fetching stamp art. Postmen worldwide would pause and think of how undainty their great clomping boots were.

  8. I'm glad meep is a delightful word. At first I thought it was a profanity and thought, "Oh no! Why is Shell in a meepy mood?"

    Gorgeous illo as always. Wish my nightstand looked like that.

  9. Cafe ~ it's my pleasure to provide an early welcome of the Welcome Weekend. :)

    Petrea ~ meep too.

    Hiker ~ meep two. {Rats, I forgot to put her Mouseket-ears on!}

    GyPsY ~ she did! Double the cuteness. She was so fast, she was ahead of her time.

    Margaret ~ I'd rather draw small than have to Sculpy small ~ all the best for your daughter's project!

    Mise ~ a fine idea ~ a Zazzle stamp, it shall be! If only they came in Irish and Australian denominations...

    PCN ~ my kitty wishes my nightstand did, too. She would enjoy playing with the glass bottles for real. Then we would hear some mild profanity. Bleep.

  10. Amy you have made it into the Shell Sherree dictionary of dainty words!

    Love the sweet flowers and vases (and your new profile picture) Sherree. A perfect picture for a sunny weekend.

  11. Oh, you do make an old woman giggle, Shell. Happy Weekend to you too dear. May many meeps move your pen.

  12. Oh, this is especially charming, Shell! "Meep" has now become part of the official Brooklyn lexicon (along with fuhgeddaboutit), and—not for nuthin'—I am a charter (circa 1950-something), card-carrying member of the Mickey Mouse Club!

  13. Friday Fleurish is always such a treat and these won't make me sneeze!

  14. Thanks, Debs ~ I figured it was time to either eat macarons or pretend I was one. :)

    MmeB ~ I'm glad I made an old woman giggle, but did I make YOU giggle??? ;)

    Alexa ~ I'm very excited about all of the news you've shared here ~ I can't decide what excites me most!

    Cali ~ I absolutely 100% guarantee these are non-allergenic. :) Oh wait, how about the kitty, though? I do hope you aren't allergic to those...

  15. sniff, sniff??? Ah yes, I smell that petite (petit) fleur all the way over here! :)

  16. Hee, I love the footnote. :D I'm glad we are bringing Meep to the world.

    We like blooming fantastic weekends. And miniatures. So, so adorable Shell.

  17. Virginia ~ not violet, but still pretty!

    Meep ~ I hope your week is off to a blooming great start. :)

  18. I'm completely meeped, it's so sweet. '~)


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