Venerdi in Venice: Ponte Storto

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm]

Perhaps I could engage someone to build a pond in my yard so that I could have a purpose for a bridge like this.  Imagine the fun the geese would have.  

Grazie mille to Pierre at Venice Daily Photo for allowing me to use his glorious photo as inspiration!  If you're wondering why there's no-one standing on the bridge in my version, I took so long to draw it, they'd gone by the time I was ready for them.  One simply can't get good help nowadays.  And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. ShSh,I wood bee patient enuf, willing & able to sit for you while you draw me on that Venice bridge. We K9's have more experience sitting compared to the restless homosapien.
    Is it ok to fly in Europe now?

  2. Don't wait for a pond, Shell, just build that bridge across your lawn up to your front door. Then I'll come stand on it for as long as you'd like!

    Happy Friday!

  3. As long as I had a book, I'd be as patient as a... something that's really patient.


    I love the scrollwork on the bridge and especially the underside of the bridge. No troll could be unhappy there.

  4. Fabulous—and hey, I'd hang in for you too (Ponte Storto is getting more populated all the time)! Love the way you captured the light reflected on the underside.

  5. We will all fly over and stand on the bridge for you in shifts, if you insist! I will make the sacrifice because you are such a good friend. :D

    That is a gorgeous bridge! Much too pretty for people to stand on unless they are dressed to the nines.

  6. Cafe ~ loyal puppies would wait all day if necessary {though perhaps a tad restlessly}. A treat would be in order, for sure. The skies are ok for birds again at the moment.

    PCN ~ ahem, I think I'll engage someone else to build the bridge, otherwise you wouldn't be able to stand on it for long...

    Amy ~ I wasn't imagining trolls when I did this, but now that you say it... {and it looks like we can say "patient as a puppy dog".}

    Thanks, Alexa! Yes, I hope the engineering on this one is sound. Not that we collectively weigh much, of course. :)

    Cali ~ you are a great friend ~ I know that would be a tremendous hardship for you. Nearly as hard as standing on the Pont Alexandre III for hours. ;)

  7. Oh, that's all things Venice. Jsut lovely.

    WV: Wiltio.

  8. Oh that's funny Shell and somehow you reminded me of the Mary Poppins movie - people moving within the drawings! It's a gorgeous Pont! You could perhaps create a mini creek and then build one over it, just as a garden feature?

  9. Just let me sit on these steps all day soaking up the sun and scenery and eating gelato and I'd be happy. Simply stunning drawing Shell. It's exactly what I needed at the end of a brutal work day. Gazie mille to you!

  10. So romantic and lovely Shell, previous illo is adorable! Happy Weekend :).

  11. Thanks, Hiker! I'd transplant the lot quite happily.

    MmeB ~ oh yes, Mary Poppins!! And I imagine one of these bridges would be right at home at your place.

    Prego, Katie ~ stay as long as you please! Gelato never melts here.

    Thanks, C @Favourite Vintage Finds ~ happy weekend to you, too!

  12. Oh I do like the idea of us all standing on the bridge in shifts, dressed to the nines!

  13. Mise ~ and then you could all stand on the bridge in nines, dressed in shifts. ;)

    Thanks, Lori ~ just add pizza and we're set.

  14. Love the bridge and the way you portrayed it! Makes me want to take a ride in a nice little boat....

  15. Thanks, Ms M ~ take this one for a leisurely whirl ~ I know you'll look after it.

    Petrea ~ just me and my imaginary ones. :)

  16. Ho but I was jhust thinking that I knew this place :)) Thank you Shell Sherree, that's beautiful!

  17. Oh, Pierre ~ always a pleasure! Thank you!


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