Music Boxer to my Ears

Christmas is nearly here and if I woke up to one of these under my eensy weensy tree, first I'd be surprised that it fit under my eensy weensy tree ~ then, I'd be a very happy girl!

Peter Alexander is an Australian designer who started making pyjamas on his mum's dining room table a long time ago and it all took off from there.  And yes, they are the best PJs and nighties I've ever worn.  When I saw this in one of his Christmas catalogues, I had to show you.  It's a functional music box which doubles as a gift box for a pair of knickers and matching camisole.  Adorable!  {And they ship to a number of overseas countries with very reasonable postage.}

I've been keeping this aside especially for the right moment, and given that Peter Alexander is a pooch lover {his puppy dogs always feature somewhere in his ranges} and avid supporter of the RSPCA, for whom we're raising funds here through until mid January {see the ChipIn gadget over on the top right} ~ well, now seems the right moment!  I'd even take an empty one of these.  How about you?  I wonder if they have any left over...

Please, join me if you can, no matter what the amount, by clicking on the ChipIn button over in the little widget on the top right to help raise $50,000 by mid January to help provide warm beds, love and care for the 16,000 abandoned or neglected animals expected at the RSPCA Victoria's animal shelters over the Christmas period.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who's already donated!  Here's more info...


  1. Aww...Do u know how much I really love music box!!

  2. What an adorable music box! You must have been smiling the whole time you were drawing this one. Fun that this doubles as a gift box. Sorry but I snicker every time I hear knickers. It just sounds so odd to my American ears!

  3. How incredibly clever! And I love the pooch in the poodle skirt.

  4. What a good idea. Undies in a box. Although I imagine one can get their knickers in a twist using this method. :p

    Another delightful drawing, Shell.

    P.S. Is that Petrea's Boz?

  5. Hiker, Does the Phoebster have a poodle skirt? If not, then Santa needs to leave one under yo tree.

    ADORABLE. I want that box. Knickers and a cammie? well I think those days are long gone pour moi! :)


  6. Katie ~ between the music box and the knickers, I did have a happy time. ;)

    Hiker ~ poodle skirt? Oh, good catch!

    Margaret ~ she's a cutie!

    Thanks, Cali, and LOL! As for Boz, I think he'd look cute in pink, but he may not agree...

    Virginia ~ sorry, I don't know if I'm buying that. ;)

  7. I'd even take a lovely drawing of these - like yours!
    Hope whoever you are hinting to gets the hint - lol

  8. Love love love the clever packaging—and your sweet interpretation of same! Maybe Peter Alexander will see this and send you your heart's desire as thanks for the great free advert. Or perhaps your own personal Santa (you know, the one with the really heavy Aussie accent) will read this and take the HINT, and you will find this under (near?) your eensy weeny tree. Hope so, and hope you have a lovely Christmas, dear Shell!

  9. Gypsy ~ oh, that's sweet ~ thank you!

    Thanks, Alexa! If my personal Santa complains that I'm impossible to find gifts for, I shall remind him to look for hints in all the right places. :)

  10. Every boxer needs a skirt! This is soo cute. I hope this does find its way under your tree.

    And did you know I have a weakness for pajamas? I love that website! Hee! Such cute designs. :D

  11. Hey Shelley

    Very good cheer for the festive season. The very best for the new year.


  12. What a nice idea and a nice present !!
    Sorry, running a little aout of time of I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas !! Bisous.

  13. I'll send a note to RDJ right away and have him deliver this to you. He IS your personal Santa, right?

    Have a gorgeous Christmas, Shell!

  14. Er, in case you're wondering, that last message was from me. Hit the return key accidentally before I was done typing.

  15. Amy ~ PA knows how to please the most finicky of PJ-lovers. ;)

    Thanks, Loani, and right back at you!

    Cafe ~ Happy Festivus to you, too ~ may you sniff out plenty of good sustenance.

    Marylène ~ merci ~ Merry Christmas and bisous to you, too!

    PCN ~ I think he'd make a Santa suit look as it's never looked before... {I knew from your comment that it was you. :) } Wishing you and hubby a merry, safe and fun Christmas.

  16. Haha - love it! As hints go, it's very good.

    I have my very own silk imitation pink with black polka dots and trim pj's which I adore.

    Merry Christmas Shell, to you and yours. xx

  17. A very merry Christmas to you, Shell, and thanks for the visual delights, the delightful word-aware posts, and the fun!

  18. Ho Ho Ho, Pére Noël drew your name! A PTML calendar is yours mon amie. Send me your address.

  19. Boz is part Boxer. He'd chew this to bits. (That's a compliment.)

    Virginia, those of us who didn't win a calendar are brokenhearted. But Karin is going to be inconsolable.

  20. Firstly, WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I won Virginia's gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful Paris calendar ~ {happy dance, happy dance, tap, tappity-tap, tap} What a start to my Christmas ~ thank you SO much, V ~ oh, oh, oh! I'm running out the door in a sec for Christmas lunch with my wondrous family, but I'll email you soon.

    Ok, be calm.

    MmeB ~ and you'd look very fetching in them, too! Merry Christmas!

    Mise ~ likewise ~ you always give me a chuckle.

    V ~ well, you know!!

    Petrea ~ sorry for you and KB ~ I'm glad Hiker won my last giveaway ~ I don't feel so guilty as I otherwise would! :)

  21. Congrats, Shell! What a beaut that calendar is too.


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