Fluffy Fiat Friday : Tutu Cute at Museo della 500 di Calascibetta


Aqua Fiat with Pink Paris Tutu, Frenchie and Cat  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved
Aqua Fiat with Pink Paris Tutu, Frenchie and Cat  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

If life has other plans for your travel plans, you can always journey with your mind.  And I hope my illustrations also keep your travel dreams alive!  (You can head on over to my studio store for fine art prints to keep you happy and inspired every time you gaze upon them, and Italian silk scarves for your local scenic drives.)

And when you're putting pins on a map of Italy for a future trip, here's a quaint and enchanting place to stop by: il Museo della 500 di Calascibetta near Sicilia.  

This tucked-away treasure trove holds a fun and captivating array of memorabilia and novelties dedicated to this very adorable motor car.  

And it's my pleasure to have loaded up my fleetest carrier pigeon with the original of today's ink and watercolour illustration to join other creative Fiat 500-inspired works contributed by artists from around the world to this petite and charming museum for all cute car enthusiasts to enjoy.  

If you're there someday in the future when regular travel returns from its overextended holiday, plan on a leisurely hour or two of soaking it all in along with the picturesque surrounds! And on that note ...

Happy fluffy Fiat 500 Friday to you!




  1. I can't wait to travel again! Maybe I'll go to the museum where they have your art! How wonderful.

    1. I hope you get there one day, Petrea !! It looks such a quaint and charming little place, and the man I've been liaising with there is very kind. I'm sure Italy will be a possibility again for you soon. x0x


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