Francophile Friday : A Dog's Cafe Life in Paris


Sookie Dog and Fashion Mum at Paris Cafe  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved
Sookie Dog and Fashion Mum at Paris Cafe  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

This stylish pooch and his fashionista mum love to sit at their favourite Paris cafe and watch the world go by.

If only croissants came in pink!  And on that note ...

Happy Furry Friends Fashionable Francophile Friday to you!

PS:  Check out my new fun campaign for the Lovely Leopards Italian silk scarf ... isn't my online studio store assistant Grace a cutie?!  And yes, she does let me wear it.  Sometimes.  Please click here to check out this gorgeously whimsical illustrated scarf, designed by me in Australia, made in Italy.  Grace is ready to take your order.





  1. Grace is a beauty! She knows how to wear high fashion.

    1. Aww, thank you, dear Petrea !! Isn't she gorgeous? We've had her for one year today and we are so very blessed. Take care and I hope all's well. x0x


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