Feline Friday : Feathers Shaken, Not Stirred


Ella Catwalk Kitty in Pink Feathered Flock Frock  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved
Ella Catwalk Kitty in Pink Feathered Flock Frock  © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

Happy New Year !  

In the spirit of eco-fashion, Ella the Catwalk Kitty fossicked in a forest and found a flock of naturally-shed feathers to fashion into a frock.  It's amazing what you can do with a glue gun and ingenuity!  And on that note ...

Happy Feline Friday to you!


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  1. I'm still following your pretty site! How is life treating you in these strange days?

    1. Yvonne!! How are you? It's so great to hear from you. I'm well, thank you, and Ella is adorable as ever. How are you ... still in the same location? x0

    2. I have been in NE Victoria for 5-6 years no. I like the 4 seasons, but not 40+ summers and bushfires!

      The t-shirt you designed is now a comfy pj top, and I have the print you made for us Travelling Scarves on the wall above my desk. <3

  2. I'm still here, too! I hope you're well.

    1. Hi dear Petrea!! We're all well and happy, thank you. I think of you often over there and hope you're likewise. A topsy turvy time for our world ... x0


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