Fashionable Friday : Camels, Kitties and Kate Spade New York

Fashion and Fluffballs illustration : Of Camels, Kitties and Kate Spade New York © Shell-Sherree
Fashion illustration : Of Camels, Kitties and Kate Spade New York (Illustration © Shell-Sherree)

Ask this camel for directions and you'll end up at Kate Spade New York.  It's an oasis for your inner fun lover, you know.

Water isn't the only essential in life.  Not taking oneself too seriously is right up there, too.  Today's fashion illustration draws inspiration from the Spring 2017 campaign of this whimsical brand.  I'm not sure how alluring it smells, but it's cute, it's bright and full of smiles.  Open one of those bags and you might even find cubes of sugar and a glass of mint tea. Come, sip a while with me.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you!


  1. I especially like the pink hair, though mine will be lavender instead. And I shall give my sugar cubes to my camel.

    1. Interesting you should like that pink hair, Petrea ... ever since painting this, I've been hankering to put at least a splash of pink through mine! I can see you in lavender {and so fetching a match with grey!} Happy Friday to you and dear Wilma! x0


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