Francophile Friday : Catch Me If You Can

Paris Pets illustration : Catch the Kitty, Frenchie © Shell-Sherree

When you're taking a leap of faith, it's handy to have someone you trust with a safety net.

Today's illustration sees our intrepid travelling kitty cat and her French bulldog friend navigating a less-than-graceful landing of our magic carpet in Paris. Some might say 'clumsy' but unless they've tried setting a rug down on a rooftop while avoiding potted geraniums, pigeons and poo ~ well, walk a mile in those stilettos and try not teeter-tottering, too.

So come, let us lend a hand and each grab an edge ~ though on second thoughts, this fluffball looks well skilled in handling her dismounts and landing on all paws.  What's the bet she nets perfect scores.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Francophile Friday to you!

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  1. Meow! We always land on our feetsies.

    1. I swear they have some kind of gravity pads in their paws, Petrea. ;) Hugs to you and Wilma. x0


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