Fashionable Friday : Vintage Glam Hat Pat

Fashion and Fluffballs illustration : Vintage Glam Hat Pat with Kitty © Shell-Sherree

All for one and one for all !

Today's illustration has us ready to join the three Muskateers ~ hang on .... four Muskateers ~ and make it an even five plus one.  Puss in Boots would be right at home.

I love drawing vintage glam.  Frankly, it's easier for me to illustrate it than to source and wear it.  But wouldn't it be fun to harness your inner actress, muster your Golden Age of Hollywood, sally forth in your finery and have people wondering if you're taking a lunch break from a film set nearby? Yes, it would.  It honest to goodness would.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you!


  1. Especially with gray gloves! Marvelous.

    1. Gray is made for you, Petrea ... closely followed by grey. Hugs to you and Wilma! x0

    2. "Gray" is the American spelling, but I prefer "grey," it's prettier.

      I'm building an all-grey wardrobe. With accents, of course!

    3. Love the sound of that, Petrea! I wonder if I could build an all-pink wardrobe with gold accents ... x0


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