Fashionable Friday : Ode to a Grecian Yearn

Fashion & Fluffballs Illustration : Ode to a Grecian Yearn © Shell-Sherree
Fashion & Fluffballs Illustration : Ode to a Grecian Yearn © Shell-Sherree

If you're longing to shake your booty in Mykonos, today's Ode to a Grecian Yearn illustration is for you.

We'll wear our skirts long and our heels low.  Barefoot is not recommended in case of plate smashing, but there's always someone willing to throw caution to the wind. Better that than confetti.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !


  1. Dear Shell, so sorry I'm late. And where is everyone? I'm afraid your American dance partners are all in a justifiable huff while our country is being overtaken by the resident evil in the White House. I want to shake my booty just about anywhere, as long as it's not in the US. But I don't suppose the world is safe from hatred, so for now I will have to stay here and love hatred to death.

    1. Petrea, you are never late! Your entrance at any hour is fashionable. Our comment parties are rather intimate affairs nowadays. ;) Loving hatred to death sounds like the best plan to me ... from the other side of the planet, I'm doing my best to do the same. Love and hugs to you, J and Wilma, dear friend!


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