Fashion & Fluffballs Friday : I Dream of Jean-y

Fashion & Fluffballs Illustration : I Dream of Jean-y © Shell-Sherree

I'm not sure we could squoosh ourselves into Jeannie's bottle, but we can aspire to some Jeannie-esque hair.

When I was little {littler}, I adored I Dream of Jeannie.  My most adored PJs were pink and white spotted, with a top akin to hers.  If I could find her harem-styled outfit for a fancy dress costume today, I'd still want to take it for a spin ~ albeit with a diaphanous scarf draped strategically where a six pack will never be.

For lounging around in today's illustration, however, I've chosen something muffin-top friendly plus boyfriend jeans, being far more conducive to kitty climbing than harem pants.  The very thought makes my eyes water.  Aieee!  And on that note ....

Happy Fashion & Fluffballs Friday to you ! 


  1. This week, while I lounge in your illustration, I've grown my hair long enough to wear it this way without enduring the months of bangs in my face and hair itching my neck. Every time I think I'm going to grow it out, I can't get past that point. I run to the hairdresser and beg her to cut it as short as she dares. But today, I have a nice Jeannie ponytail in my dreams.

    1. You're blessed with a perfect face for your short, short hairstyle, dear Petrea. I, on the other hand, would feel and look shorn !! I'm very happy to give you a dream ponytail whenever you loll around here. Consider it done! Hugs to you and Wilma!

  2. Me too, Shell! During my college years I used to zoom back to my apartment at lunchtime to watch I Dream of Jeannie while others hung out in the snooker-hall, or, heaven forbid, the library. It was the making of me. And I covet the beautiful swan-neck lamp.

    (PS You look lovely)

    1. How lovely, dear Mise !! Gosh, to think of those days when if you wanted to watch something, you had to be there for it ... I think it rather made everything more special, actually.

      (PS The lamp is yours whenever you fold your arms and blink your eyes firmly ... my pleasure!)


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