Fashionable Friday : Bardot and Beehives

Illustration : Brigitte, Aqua Fluffiness and the Eiffel Tower © Shell-Sherree
Illustration : Brigitte, Aqua Fluffiness and the Eiffel Tower © Shell-Sherree

Beehiving like Brigitte Bardot takes a bigger bounty of locks than I presently have in my custody.

But today's illustration allows me the liberty of plumping them up without resorting to a hairpiece.   Our perch in Paris has a fine Eiffel Tower view when we've whipped out our compacts and are powdering our noses. Or we can wriggle into reverse if our fluffiness can be negotiated and our vertigo can be shelved.  I'll leave the choice up to you!  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Francophile Fashionable Friday to you !

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  1. My mother wore her hair in a beehive when I was young (she was young, too, although I didn't know it at the time). Back then they didn't wear their beehives loose and fluffy. I think it's much prettier with some fanciful fringe.

    1. I love that your mum wore beehives, Petrea! Isn't it funny ~ when I do the sums and figure out how young mum was when I was young, I still get surprised!


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